DwarfCast 58 – Terrorform Commentary


Fans of how Robert Llewellyn pronounces “terror” rejoice as our critical DwarfCasting eyes have finally fallen on the mildly underrated series V episode Terrorform. Join television’s Ian Symes, Sweden’s Danny Stephenson and disappointment’s Jonathan Capps as they discuss Kryten’s metaphor hunt, Chris Barrie’s slippery pliance, uneven leg joints and, as a special ‘treat’, the remaining deleted scenes from the Series V DVD.

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High & Low: Special Effects


Of all the difficult tasks I have faced whilst writing Ganymede & Titan, this has to be one of the most difficultistestist. Even more difficult than writing an article which doesn’t manage to be spectacularly rude about somebody for very little reason. How the bloody hell do you manage to boil down the quite staggering amount of amazing special effects work for Red Dwarf into one easy-to-digest Top 10 list?

Answer: with a lot of kicking, screaming, self-doubt as to the worth of my entire life, and general dissatisfaction. Hopefully that’s sold this article as something well worth reading. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

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The TATP Years: 1988

I meant to link to this when it was first released back in 2012, but I am called John Hoare and I am a useless little shit. So having been duly reminded, I highly recommend the following: a trek through 1988 from Ben Baker and Tim Worthington, with music, TV and radio clips galore.

Oh, was 1988 the year Red Dwarf first aired? I think it just might be.

I won’t spoil what any of the clips are: the surprise is part of the fun. It’s an excellent reminder of what pop culture was like back when Red Dwarf was first shown. Which we foolishly tend to ignore in favour of wondering exactly what that motion control rig they used to shoot the model shots was like.

Sit back, whack up the speakers, and enjoy. And if you want a bit of extra background with TRIVIA AND POP FACTS GALORE, the accompanying commentary track on the show by the aforementioned Worthington & Baker comes highly recommended. Despite that sounding like an artisan bread company.

DwarfCast 57 – Polymorph Commentary


This DwarfCast contains scenes which are unsuitable for younger viewers and people of a nervous disposition, as we finally get round to babbling on all over Series III episode 3 Polymorph. Recorded on the same night as the Confidence and Paranoia ‘cast, but with fewer people and more gin, G&T regulars Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones and Ian Symes and joined by friend of the website Karl Eisenhauer, and no-one else. Listen in for a lengthy discussion about video tape formats, armchair psychology about Rimmer’s childhood issues and an in-depth analysis of Robert Llewellyn’s big sweaty face.

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DwarfCast 56 – Confidence & Paranoia Commentary


It seems almost every DwarfCast we put out at the moment comes with us apologising for the delays at the beginning. This particular recording comes from only a few months ago, though, so we’re getting closer to a sensible schedule. As Ian noted in the last DwarfCast post, this represents the first series we’ve completed in the seven years we’ve been doing these stupid commentaries (save for Back to Earth, but shush) so it’s a little bit of a milestone. Consequently, we took the opportunity to have a bit of a post-commentary chat on series 1 in general to wrap things up and generally get back into the swing of this ‘talking about Red Dwarf’ lark.

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High & Low: Rimmer Scenes

After High & Low‘s sojourn into Guest Character territory, we’re sailing back to the main cast here, and arguably the most important character in Red Dwarf; Arnold Judas Rimmer.

Coward, pedant, complete bastard; who IS the real Rimmer? I hope my examination of his best and worst scenes over the past 1o series can shed some light. Or just provoke a mud-slinging row in the comments. As ever, my article, my rules, my opinions.

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DwarfCast 55 – DNA Commentary


Join G&T’s Ian Symes and Danny Stephenson, along with hangers-on Rich Lawden, Jezzmund Tutu and Tom Pyott, as we transmogrify your minds and talk all over the top of Series IV episode two DNA. We discuss the unusually high proportion of movie references, Lister’s journey to the centre of the moral compass, decades-old editing techniques and the demise of video clubs. We actually recorded this about six months ago, but we’ve been putting the edit off, due to a tricky situation caused by the coming together of Danny’s arse and the ‘next chapter’ button on the DVD remote. Hopefully you won’t see the joins.

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High & Low: Guest Characters

Previously on High & Low, we’ve comprehensively and indisputably determined the ten best and five worst cast members’ other shows and DVD extras. With those contentious issues now settled once and for all, we turn to the topic of guest characters. Red Dwarf has always had such a strong core ensemble that it’s a rare occasion when an outsider takes centre stage. But memorable guest performers have often been used to enhance storylines, either for extra comedy value, a threat to the crew’s safety, or to build touching and emotional relationships. The best ones are usually a combination of at least two of the three, and it’s those that we celebrate here, along with some of those that failed to do any of them effectively.

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DwarfCast 54 – Future Echoes Commentary


Yes, the least reliable Red Dwarf podcast in the universe is BACK. Brilliant. We return once more to the realm of episode commentaries by going almost back to the beginning for Future Echoes. Does it justify its reputation as an all time classic? Is there a pre-determination paradox at play? What’s the deal with the light above Lister’s bunk? Join us as we fail to answer these questions and more, with G&T regulars Ian Symes and Danny Stephenson joined by very ordinary guests Jezzmund Tutu, Rich Lawden and Tom Pyott.

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High & Low: DVD Extras


Welcome to the second installment of our, ahem, “monthly” series, looking at ten of the very best and five of the very worst offerings from one given area of the wider Red Dwarf universe. And the reason you’ve been waiting two months for the second installment of this monthly series is that the topic is something that’s proved very difficult to put into order – namely DVD Extras. We’ve been treated to some of the finest DVD packages that TV comedy has to offer, with hours upon hours of well-researched, fascinating and hilarious extras accompanying each series. How on Titan is it possible to decide which brilliant thing is better than another brilliant thing, or to come up with five that aren’t brilliant? Read on to find out…

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