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Well, we feel slightly foolish now. We’ve been sat here waiting patiently for some Red Dwarf XI news to burst forth, and it seems all we had to do was ask the show’s producer nicely on Twitter. Yes, a chap called Chris Horner (possibly sat in a corner) has done just that to Naylor Minor, and extracted two salient pieces of information. Their exchange follows.

When does new Red Dwarf go into production? Is it likely to be on screen this year?

No. 2015.

Ok cheers for info, cant wait for new series. Is there any way of getting tickets for being in audience?

Not atm, you’ll be able to later this year. Check  but get in fast, they went in 12 mins last time.

Okay, so it’s not the most solid of details, but it’s a nice confirmation – following last week’s revelation that both Doug and Richard were working on another show – that Red Dwarf XI is still a going concern, and the commissioning and production thereof is still a matter of “when” rather than “if”. If they’re planning on releasing audience tickets “this year”, might we see a similar schedule to Series X – filming late this year/early next, broadcast next autumn? We just don’t know.

In other Twitter-related-news-not-quite-substantial-enough-to-justify-a-post-of-its-own, it seems that Doug hasn’t been slacking on the script front.

Hoping to finish 3rd new Red Dwarf script soon!

Well, to be fair, he might just be *hoping* to finish it. We’ve no proof that he’s actually started it. I jest, of course. The interesting thing is: last time round, he didn’t write scripts until the series had been commissioned and budget had been signed off. Either he’s had a change of heart for this series, or the deals have in fact been done already, it’s just that we don’t know about them yet.

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  1. Yes, very good news indeedy. My God, I hope I can get down there again for RDXI.

  2. Tweet from Andrew Ellard:

    Andrew Ellard ‏@ellardent 18m

    Main gigs for mid-2014:
    Cowriting a film
    3 sitcoms in dev
    Script ed on series 2 of a thing
    Script ed on series 11 of a thing
    New film script

  3. If he’s going to be script editing on Series XI in mid-2014, that sounds as though production could start a little sooner than anticipated.

    Maybe for once the cast won’t have to film in the depths of winter. I think it’s only Series VII which hasn’t been filmed then?

  4. > Script ed on series 2 of a thing

    Count Arthur Strong, I presume?

  5. > Script ed on series 11 of a thing

    This can only mean 1 thing..
    Friends reunion! And Andrew’s been asked to script edit it.

  6. They reunite for Phoebe’s funeral. The cunt.

  7. Please, no, let it be Ross …

  8. OOOH.

  9. Red Dwarf XI is happening, I have it straight from Craig Charles’ mouth at Play Expo Manchester, I asked him and he stated that it IS happening, so, that is the best confirmation I can give.

  10. G&T Admin

    so, that is the best confirmation I can give.

    Unfortunately, Craig Charles isn’t historically the best source for these things. Nor are any of the cast.

    We’ve had years and years of the same stuff. For example, at some point every single member of the cast swore blind the movie was happening, on various occasions. Craig’s latest claim is that they’re filming this year, which at this point is going to be physically impossible. Basically, the one lesson any fan needs to learn is that listening to cast speculation on new Red Dwarf is a mugs game.

  11. The Weekend magazine says XI is promised for next year.

    Meanwhile, I’m softening on Taiwan Tony.

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