Craig Charles: “it’s gone brilliantly well”


This article discusses Red Dwarf XI & XII whilst adhering to G&T’s spoiler policy. Please ensure your comments do likewise…

This weekend, Craig Charles brought The Madness House of Fun Weekender to a close with his Funk & Soul Show. G&T regular Jonathan ‘Jonsmad’ Young was there, and shared a backstage area with Craig. At 1am on Sunday night/Monday morning, he was able to interrupt Craig’s search for cigarettes for seventy-six seconds in order to conduct a very brief interview about Red Dwarf XI so far. A huge thank you to Jonsmad for sharing this with us. Over to you…

JON: Can I just ask you a couple of questions?

Craig: Have you got any ciggies on yer?

I haven’t, mate…

Aw. [pause] Go on then, what do you want to ask me?

How is it going, two episodes in?

Yeah it’s good. Yeah, it’s good, yeah.

Has the dynamic of having Baby Cow involved changed anything?

Not really. I mean, they’re there to make sure we behave ourselves! (laughs) They are not doing a very good job!

No spoilers, but one thing we can talk about is a rumoured episode where you are all dressed as Kryten. Has that happened yet?

No, that’s not happened yet. We’ve all been… we went for our mask fittings and all that.

How was that?

It was alright. I’m looking forward to it. We can just show Bobby, like… “Bobby, what are you moaning about, you wuss? You soft southern duppsie!

So it’s the normal bravado then, of get Craig to do a thing first and then everyone else has to follow? Like with your own stunts?

Ha ha. Yeah. Honestly, we are all having a great, great time. The first two episodes have gone brilliantly well.
They are so well written. The stories are so clever. I’m just amazed how much they can cram into a half hour.

Cool. Thank you and good luck with the rest of it.

Cheers man, brilliant.

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  1. Nice one. :)

  2. Great, Jonsmad! :D

    Something I’m genuinely interested in is whether Craig has got the dreads weaved in like last time, i.e. him having them outside of filming as well.

  3. No he was Fluffy haired no dreads in. I don’t think he could did his funk and soul and keep the dreads in really. He wasn’t playing reggae he was playing cool funk and his head movements aren’t the whip of reggae dreads in dancing.

  4. There was a little snippet from Show 2. He’s contracted to wear them on set, but not outside of Pinewood. Also when he did wear them at home his wife hates them and says “You’re being him again (Lister). Take them off!”

    Nice report, thank you!

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