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It’s Friday, it’s round about lunchtime, it’s three near-identical tweets from various official accounts time! This week, as they got there first by a matter of seconds, let’s embed @RedDwarfHQ’s:

It’s a storyboard! A storyboard with actual dialogue on it! When it’s fully embiggened, you can see that the establishing shot looks somewhat similar to the recce that Richard tweeted ages ago, which, when combined with the desired angle being so high, suggests that this is a location sequence. We also now know that in one episode, the Dwarfers board a space station (I’m assuming space, as opposed to railway) amidst an asteroid storm, and split off into pairs. There’s also a joke that, while far from unpredictable, is undeniably Rimmer-ish. This is very exciting.

Credit also to Nik Afia for the brilliant artwork, proving that he’s just as adept at capturing the likenesses of our main characters as he is at spaceships. I hope we get to see a lot more of this work at some point, either in the form of teasers ahead of broadcast, or a more substantial gallery when it’s all done and dusted.


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  1. Yes,very nice. I can practically hear the dialogue. Almost like having a trailer on the tellybox.

  2. Flashback to the time TOS published some storyboards from The Movie and I spent hours poring over them, analysing for clues to plot and storylines. Nothing has changed, except I’m now 29 years old, instead of 14.

  3. Also, maybe it’s just me but shouldn’t it be

    ‘The station will be obliterated…’

    not ‘The station will get obliterated…’?

    It just sounds a bit weird when you read it out.

  4. Yes I thought that sounded wrong. Just copied wrongly from the script? Looking good though. I like the joke.

  5. That made me do a lol

  6. Yeah, that’s a pretty perfect joke. Definitely channels the classic series feel.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of X (though I also didn’t think it was bad) but I’m looking forward to this batch.

  7. In a reply to the tweet G and T put out Dan Kay said we are missing something. I eyeballed it as best I could but don’t see what we could be missing

  8. I’ve just spotted it – it’s black and white!!!!

  9. Rimmer’s the one with the bazookoid? That’s the only thing that stands out as vaguely notable.

  10. I thought Rimmer having the bazookoid was a bit odd, too. But no, nothing else leaping out at me.

  11. Does Lister have a robotic/false arm in panel 2? It could be the episode with him losing the limbs to the deranged droid. This would explain why Rimmer has to hold the bazookoid instead.

  12. Could be. I think he might be holding a torch like the ones Kryten and Cat are carrying but even if that’s the case, the arm itself looks odd.

  13. Is it that Rimmer claims to be acting senior officer. I know in the past he’s pulled rank as senior technician, in charge of security or health and safety, and at least twice been awarded or claimed officer status by proxy, or faked rank, but could this be from the ep that synopsis says he deals with his dream of becoming an officer.

  14. Great story board, bring on the trailer. wasn’t it Rimmer who held the Bazookoid in Emmohawk 2 (when they wanted him to kill the Sim) and then in Out of Time, in the epic final scene….and then to lesser extent when he “kills” the Knight from the AR Machine in Stoke Me A Clipper.

  15. I tweeted Dan about it cause it was making me curious, he just said “think outside the box” My mind is itchy.

  16. he just said “think outside the box”

    *looks outside the boxes* Is it going to be a Rupert the Bear story?

  17. The words are outside the box.

  18. Outside the box it says they are holding torches which would suggest that Lister and Cat are holding torches and that’s not a robot arm. Still no idea.

  19. I think Lister, Kryten and the Cat are all holding torches, but the arm with which Lister is holding his torch looks unusual. It’s probably just the drawing though because in the last panel it looks like he has a normal right arm. Of course it’s possible Dan Kay is winding us up. Anyone who was at the recording care to give us a clue?

  20. I’m guessing it’s in reference to the acting senior officer line just cause G&T hasn’t flagged it in the article or linked back to the synopsisisisis.

    That or the Dwarfers are aboard the High Angle.

  21. That or the Dwarfers are aboard the High Angle.

    Oh, I like that.

  22. I thought about ‘acting senior officer’ too, but he’s said that before (hear this because it’s only coming once: we surrender is the one that springs to mind)

  23. Well, this IS the same Rimmer who outwitted the Simulants one episode ago, so maybe this is the result of that character development? Rimmer’s still smarmy and sarcastic as hell, but he’s brave enough to wield a weapon now?

  24. This storyboard isnt mentioned as being from episode one though Srmcd1. Just that its from the production of series XI. Though your point stands as to perhaps all forthcoming episodes Rimmer might be what you say.

  25. This storyboard isnt mentioned as being from episode one though Srmcd1. Just that its from the production of series XI. Though your point stands as to perhaps all forthcoming episodes Rimmer might be what you say.

    Oh sorry. I wasn’t implying this was from any single episode. I was speaking broadly.

  26. I think I’ve got it. If you look on the right hand side, you can see the logo for the TV channel “Dave”. Could it be that this is the channel it will air on?

  27. It’s not “September 20, ’16”, it?

    No, that’s silly. That’s a Tuesday.
    Which is currently serving Taskmaster perfectly well…

  28. I still feel there’s a solution, probably involving triangles.

  29. Looking forward to seeing the cast photo tomorrow, primarily so news outlets have something that they’ll use instead of the X picture with Kryten’s dodgy mask.

  30. Also, source material for me to do some new doodles.

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