Red Dwarf XII: The Game – A First Look

A few days ago the Red Dwarf XII mobile game was released. This time round the episodic format has been replaced with a more open free to play model giving you a handful of endlessly repeatable mini-games that give you points to unlock one of a tonne of playable characters. This weekend I sat down to have a first play of the game, and I have recorded this momentous occasion for your viewing ‘pleasure’.

I’m planning to write up something a little more substantial once I’ve had a chance to put some serious hours into the game, but for now my initial impressions are very good indeed. The pairing back of the scope and giving greater focus to a few mini-games, coupled a better than average free to play model and a very generous and fun unlocking system has produced something very pleasing indeed. For any general chatter around the new game please do point yourself towards the ‘Let’s Talk About‘ thread in the forum but in the meantime I hope you enjoy my rambly first look.

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  1. I liked the bit where you smashed Ziggy into a low pipe.

  2. Well… not to put too much of a downer on things, but it is a bit throwaway and not much fun.

    Tried the maze runner first – played about a dozen games, and most of the time i felt like i swiped in time, but it just didn’t react fast enough – perhaps alternative controls, such as a tap on the left/right to move would work better. But either way, it’s not something I would come back to – there’s no progression, it’s just endless, which would be ok if it were enjoyable, but…

    Next, the quiz. Played 15 rounds, which was pretty easy for most fans. Then came some obscure questions (what colour was the iron ffs) which is just daft. But round 16 keeps repeating itself so stopped that now, which was ok as it was becoming repetitive at that point.

    Finally the asteroids thing. Played it twice. Controls were horrible IMO, and the camera was too close so that you could see where they were coming from unless you shot everywhere at random. But I did save some random ship before I quit. Maybe there’s more to it. I’ll have to see if I can get the inspiration to try that again.

    So… the game for XI had lots of faults, and was very frustrating in places, but I had some enjoyment from it. Alas not with XII so far. I’ve gone back to replaying Wheres my Water now when i’m bored lol

  3. Gave it a quick go the other day, and didn’t actually realise there was more than the runner game. That was a poor-man’s Temple Run, with some rather daft shooty bits, but it was reasonable. I enjoyed it more than any of the levels that i played through in the other game (although, I gave up on that half-way through Samsara).

  4. You generally aren’t going to get Half-Life tier gameplay from a free mobile game – if it helps pass the time while waiting for a bus/coming home on the train that’s the best you can hope for really. I’m downloading it now

  5. honestly i preferred the XI game, the episodic format of it just appealed more to me than the repetitive mini-games of the XII game

  6. G&T Admin

    The run at around 33-34 minutes is one of the most exciting sequences of modern Dwarf.

  7. I am eager to see what the quick play level for Retro Rimmer looks like.

  8. >You generally aren’t going to get Half-Life tier gameplay from a free mobile game

    I compared it to Temple Run, a free mobile game.

  9. Temple Run is just a poor man’s Subway Surfers, anyhow

  10. I am eager to see what the quick play level for Retro Rimmer looks like.

    If its the same one as captain lister then its just the normal Red Dwarf XII template level

  11. And I was responding to sd99 ;)

    And I compared it to WMW, which was also free :P

  12. I’ve never heard of Where’s My Water, to be fair. I mostly just play Subway Surfers

  13. Halfway through, I went back to play the game myself, I hadn’t realised that there were different settings for different characters. As for unlocks, I’ve unlocked a couple of soundbites and a picture or two. Not sure if the soundbites have been taken directly from the episode and cleaned up, or rerecorded for the game. The former, I imagine.
    Annoyed that I haven’t unlocked Ray Peacock or Snacky, obviously. I have got Retro Rimmer and Aniter though, who runs through the M-Corp ship,which is pretty.

  14. Just unlocked the Twentica Policeman,and the quick play has us running down the street. I think that’s about half a dozen different run locations now. Great range.

  15. I love the skutters trundling down the street in the Twentica location. Still enjoying this. I don’t like the shooty bits of the running game but agree you need something to break it up a bit. Maybe if it was just split into levels?

    Greatly amused that the Lister from the Mr Rat dimension is “Nice Lister”.

  16. How many levels are there to the quiz? My OCD compels me to complete it, although it’s utterly tedious.

  17. How many levels are there to the quiz? My OCD compels me to complete it, although it’s utterly tedious.

    16 at present. It increases the level number after this but doesn’t actually provide new questions.

  18. I’m up to Level 22. Still the same questions. Figured I should stop playing the quiz, really, and wait til there’s some new ones.

  19. Prefer XI but that was a paid game, for nothing this is a perfectly enjoyable diversion if you like Red Dwarf. My main gripe is the controls. The swiping in the maze running is not fun, doesn’t always register the correct gesture and I’d much rather just have a d-pad on the screen somewhere.

    Looks very nice though.

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