Look, everyone! Rob Grant’s Fat! Alright, that’s the last time we’ll use that joke, we promise. But you have to admit, he’s almost complicit in it with a title like that. Anyway, after a lengthy wait (although, to be honest, not as lengthy as some have made out – we’re not exactly talking Duke Nukem Forever or Chinese Democracy, here), Rob’s latest novel, Fat, is finally in shops. And after an almost as lengthy wait (fortuitous circumstances meant we were in a position to get a review of this book out for its release date; dire technical circumstances meant we failed to do so), the G&T verdict is here as well. So, what do we reckon?

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Red Dwarf: Beat The Geek

Beat The Geek was, to say the least, hyped. Not perhaps in that smelly outside world we all loathe and detest – but within the Red Dwarf fan community, it was widely anticipated, for a variety of reasons. The fact that the last eight series set new standards for sitcom DVD releases? Check. The fact that this release was something different? Check. The fact that this was new Red Dwarf? I WANT TO HAVE SOME FUN!

Ahem. So, does Beat The Geek stand up to the ridiculous weight of expectation foisted upon it?

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Just The Shows – Volume 2

I am such a twat. Firstly, I forget that Just The Shows – Volume 2 was released this Monday and only got round to buying it the following Thursday. Secondly, I slipped on a wet floor and fell over when I entered HMV. THIRDLY, I suddenly realised, whilst buying the DVD, that I was wearing my Red Dwarf ‘Skutters’ t-shirt. I’m afraid the word ‘dweeb’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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