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    Wilhelm scream

    I recently started doing fan-edts of Red Dwarf. While I only have 2 DVD’s so far (Back to Earth and series X). I just wanted to get an idea what you guys what to see from the edits, which I will consider. I am going to skip series VIII becasue it’s unfixble in my eyes. I already did back to Earth and will start doing series X soon.



    Fair enough its your taste of edit. Not to mine having read it. There are a couple of back to earth
    Recuts i would make if i could be bothered more minimal. I would cut rimmers line “we read about that in history.” Might experiment with laughs track over ep one section only. I might sub the toilet talk bunk
    Store scene for the actual bunk scene jammy dodger story if there was a clever way to switch those over from the deleted scene. Keep most eveything else.

    Did you cut the last kochanski scene line “i dont take any smeg”, cus i think youve
    Undermined his character arc of believing in himself again and surely the underlining
    Arc of his realisation of kryten lying to him thats played out across
    Scenes you have and havnt cut is damaged also in your edit? Not that
    Ive watched, just read the blog.

    Still fun to have a fan edit.

    I would say a version of fathers and sons removing or
    Re dubbing Taiwan Tony would probably be popular around these waters.
    Quite easy to do probably except in the finale call back.

    You could fix Trojan so that sim Crawford doesn’t beam away and then still apear
    On left of frame after she had already left.

    Re do dear dave with the Trollop alternative,

    Take entangled, have the chimp evole into a moose and the fade to black.



    I’ve done fan edits of nearly every single episode. Series VII and VIII, I reduced to simple hour long features. Might do proper individual edits of VII later, but VIII really works better as one big prison story so you don’t have to watch all eight episodes.

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