So what do you think we'll be getting for the 30th?

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    Seems like something would have been leaked because of the cast if it was anything major involving them

    BBFC filings and such would come out if it was some kind of DVD or Blu-ray

    Maybe it’ll be a Dave mini Dwarf night, lots of episodes maybe with some cast interviews but I’m thinking we’re getting announcements.

    New series announcement on the TV? Commentaries for download? A new book or something?

    What do you think?


    Pete Part Three

    Free beer and money.



    A book’d be nice. ‘Red Dwarf: A Celebration’, that kind of thing.






    I have a sad suspicion it’ll be fuck all as well. Bearing in mind they’ve got about five weeks to go.

    Probably an ‘announcement’ about XII/the tour but zero ‘stuff’.

    This is why they should have held XII back a tiny bit longer…



    >Bearing in mind they’ve got about five weeks to go

    but 2018 is fifty-two weeks long


    Me Own Stunts

    >but 2018 is fifty-two weeks long

    Not all of it.


    International Debris

    Probably an ‘announcement’ about XII

    Doug comes on stage at DJ. “I’m over the moon to announce that Red Dwarf XII will be broadcast last year!” then eats an egg forwards.



    A tweet.



    what about sex?



    Not here, it’s too sandy.


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    Doug comes on stage at DJ. “I’m over the moon to announce that Red Dwarf XII will be broadcast last year!” then eats an egg forwards.




    I was going to nominate that post for the Hall of Fame, but now that the Hall of Fame is a literal thing such nominations are probably invalid.

    I’m still doing it.


    Plastic Percy

    I’d quite like eBooks of the four novels, or at least the Omnibus.



    I’m hoping for a countdown clock on the website.



    a remake of The End using the sets from XII and Skipper



    well obviously thats not going to happen, but it would be good, wouldnt it?


    Plastic Percy

    Most likely Doug confirming that XIII will be out in two or three years time. Sadly I think the time of merchandise being anything other than t-shirts, badges and lanyards is behind us.

    Who’d ever think we’d be nostalgic for the days of Duane Dibbley bobbleheads?



    i’d love to see some more merchandise like the Starbug model that came with the Series V DVD. it’s a really nice model, lots of detail and it looks good on my shelf. something like that for the Red Dwarf ship would be bloody lovely. or another Scriptbook like the VIII one, that’d be amazing.

    or y’know, we could just have another lot of mediocre t-shirts and crap hoodies.



    The t-shirts have been particularly poor this time round. London Jets and Mugs apart, which are hard to get wrong (though I could do without the series branding), almost all of the others I have issues with. The Leopard lager one has the wrong font, the XII one where they’re all Kryten is just bad, the Red Dwarf Haynes one has spelling and factual errors, and all the Haynes share the issue that they’re obviously ripping off Haynes but didn’t bother to do a mechanical drawing with internal gubbins.

    I like the no longer insane one design wise but not as an item of clothing you’d actually wear, and the hoodies are hit and miss. The technician one is nice but is ruined by the series branding.



    the lanyard is a bit crap too. i mean who’d want that? is there some sort of market for lanyards that i am currently unaware of?



    actually, yes.



    As someone who works in an office where everyone has a security pass, yes there is. I honestly find it a bit weird when I have a meeting with a higher up who wears an expensive suit and decides to compliment it with a cheap Game of Thrones lanyard.



    Looking ahead at the TV schedules, it appears that Dave will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the exact moment when Red Dwarf was first broadcast with a repeat showing of Timewave.

    That’s… somewhat disappointing.


    International Debris

    That’s hilarious.



    Someone said “30th anniversary” but Dave thought they said “spit on a wrist”.



    “I lick you”



    I have nearly died laughing.



    A lot of anniversary material comes out over the year of the anniversary rather than on the exact date. Thunderbirds & Captain Scarlet are prime examples of this. There is a complete 50th Anniversary blu-ray box set for Captain Scarlet coming after the vanilla releases, but the date of the 50th has long since passed BUT it’s still the year of the anniversary.

    I mentioned in another post that the blu-rays are listed again on Amazon and Zavvi for February, maybe it’s nothing. I’d love another book tbh… and that kinda merchandise would surely be better released in the autumn for the Christmas market?

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