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    For a ship that supposedly a mining vessel, not one member of the crew that we are introduced to or is mentioned but not seen is a miner.

    Captain Holister
    Navigation Officer Kochanski
    Todhunter is just “officer”
    Flight co-ordinator George McIntyre
    Lister and Rimmer are technicians

    There’s Kochanski’s ex Tm who is a chef
    Petersen is also in catering

    I don’t think we ever find out what Selby and Chen’s jobs are.

    None of Rimmer’s potential replacements in Holoship are miners

    None of the “officers” at the dinner Holister holds in series 8 are miners

    Brannigan and McClaren are psyiatrists or counsellors

    There’s more obviously but I can’t think of them all off of the top of my head at the moment

    For a mining ship of only 169/1169 crew … you’d expect at least one of the crew seen or mentioned to have something to do with actual mining.



    I assumed it was entirely automated.



    I’d think all the mining technicians work on a different part of the ship.



    Minors not miners!

    Sorry, someone had to reference it.



    Chen worked in the kitchen as well, as per Series VIII.

    I just assume that the miners were housed in a different section away from the operation of the ship, much like the engineers and mechanics who ran older cruise ships were kept away from the passengers. Since they weren’t actually mining anything any time we saw Red Dwarf, we wouldn’t have seen them since we were only following the stories of enlisted personnel.



    If the mining was automatic, I’d expect most of the ship to be automated and need very little, if any crew.

    I can kinda buy the fact they’re all lower desk crew as it were, but Lister seems like the sort of guy that would hang out with them. Much more likely to get on with that bunch then the officers he works with.



    But he signed up with the Space Corps, which are contracted to provide the crew which run the ship, not another company/organization which is contracted to provide the miners. The JMC just own the ship.


    Stephen Abootman

    Out golfing



    They don’t need many miners because they all use voice operated mining equipment.


    Paul Muller

    I blame Thatcher.


    International Debris

    Given the asteroid embedded in the ship, they must have been mining. There is obviously a lot of ship space and crew seemingly not dedicated to mining, which does seem a touch odd – the various science rooms and so on – but obviously it’s all there just to add a sci-fi touch. I think the only real mining we ever encounter is in Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers.



    Ha yeah thats the other thing, what it Red Dwarf doing with a prototype matter paddle in the science room on Z deck?

    I can kinda believe that we only focus on the crew hired to get the ship around the solar system, just feels a little odd that not one miner is ever referenced in the whole show, when the ships function is to mine.



    You can also perform space experiments in space. There is no reason why you wouldn’t put a small lab on board each ship.



    They make the prisoners on floor thirteen go out and do all the dangerous mining, after checking its a safe mine to be punished breaking rocks in.



    They mine with lasers, thats established in series 9.


    Plastic Percy

    Perhaps they were amongst the extra thousand that appear out of nowhere in Justice? If the inmates in the Tank make up 200 of that number, and maybe say 100 wardens to guard them, you could potentially have 700 miners waiting to be dropped off on Triton.


    Paul Muller

    On a related note, if you’d actually like to watch some mining on Jupiter’s moons, check out the 1981 movie Outland.

    Here’s a trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8WBk6nrYC0

    I always think of it as being contained within the RD universe – the aesthetic is very similar, even the spacesuits are the same, presumably pilfered by the BBC costumer dept after production ended.

    Also, it’s worth a watch just for the hysterically creepy performance of Sean Connery’s onscreen ‘son’.



    Dollar Pound

    the idea that the mining is totally automated but they still need a whole team of people to fix the vending machines! that’s really funny and interesting. remember when there were automated carwashes? and now it’s just guys with rags…

    the idea the prisoners do the mining: but the prison is secret…


    Dollar Pound

    outland looks very red dwarfish (red dwarf is outlandish).


    Dave Wallace

    Careful, you’ll get Rob and Doug hounded for Outland Revenue.


    Dollar Pound

    keep a cloche on it



    The moons probably already have specific mining colonies already set up. Mining ships like Red Dwarf would delivers new equipment and supplies, and transport the mined ore to its intended destination. If you just contracted miners who were already on the moon itself to continue working, every couple years they could have a Red Dwarf-sized mining ship show up and collect all the ore.

    It’s probably a lot cheaper to just make one big trip with fifty thousand fucktons of ore (and drop off the latest Starbugs and Blue Midgets and White Giants) than to constantly send smaller ships to pick up 0.5 fucktons at a time.



    Something about a large corporate mining ship flying from rock to rock collecting the spoils of colonist miners and just buggering off again makes me a little uncomfortable.



    to pick up 0.5 fucktons at a time.

    Fuckton is my new favourite unit of weight.



    It’s the Metric equivalent of Imperial shitload.

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