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    I ask because I wanted to tell you about a weird Red Dwarf related dream I had yesterday.

    Me and Ian (for some reason, we’ve spoken but never actually met) were in a a warehouse discussing how ridiculous the pencil shaped CGI Red Dwarf was. We’d found some test recording of the original pencil model, but it was double barrelled. Not just two Red Dwarfs side by side, but the right hand side had the front and ran back so somewhere in the middle of the ship (though about the same length as seen on screen, then next to it on the left, the middle of the ship continues, but level with the front of the ship, down to the back which sat level with the middle of the part on the right hand side.

    Confused? It looked like this http://imgur.com/a/9kQeL

    Now, remember we’re in this warehouse. Well this dishevelled old man that looks like a homeless Doc Brown from BTTF arrived and opens this box containing the model we had seen in this test shot. He keeps pulling bits out like a magician removing handkerchiefs from his sleeve. Piece my piece until this full length model is presented to us.

    Now, you know how dreams change location but you know you’ve always been there? Well suddenly me and Ian are at my dead grandparents house, except my granddad isn’t dead. He seems quite happy that me and Ian have decided to suspend this model from his ceiling, starting in the back bedroom and snaking all around the top floor of his house.

    At this point the model is 12 meters long (we measured it in the dream) and its more akin to the small RD model that come with one of the DVDs (series 6?) … but none the less we’re convinced this is the original 12 meter model build with the intention of shooting it for remasters.

    All that stuff about how the current model is a cut down version of a 12ft model that was scanned for CGI … well that 12ft model, in my dream, was a cut down 12m model that look ridiculous.

    And that’s all me and Ian could say to each other, and that we’re lucky the version that ended up on series 8 and the re-mastered wasn’t as bad as this monstrosity … and what were they thinking building this ship that ended up looking like a small red snake, winding its way around the ceiling of my grandparents house.


    International Debris

    Every couple of months I dream a ‘new episode’ of Red Dwarf, and it’s always a thousand times more dramatic and epic than anything seen on screen. Sometimes it’s really disappointing, but usually it’s mind-blowing, but slightly jarring.

    One involved a pool of acid with a monster in it that tried to kill Lister. One had Lister and Rimmer standing on top of the ship, at the front, overlooking the cone and ram scoop, while another version of the ship from another dimension was approaching from the front. One was set on contemporary Earth, but they still had Starbug (definitely not Carbug). One had Lister trapped on a decaying hospital ship that was about to self-destruct. One featured a maze of mirrors that included alternate (and evil) characters. One featured the end of the universe, and my character tried to go back to series 1 era to extend my life. One was a Kryten-centric episode that I was incredibly angry to sleep through most of, because I was drunk.

    I also had one dream that John Hoare was giving me a guided tour of the West Midlands, including the large inland sea just south of Birmingham.


    Dave Wallace

    There’s definitely nothing Freudian about that first dream. No. Definitely not.


    Paul Muller

    Now and again I’ll dream about stumbling across some new or unseen Red Dwarf, sometimes episodes, often the fabled movie. They are always incredibly bizarre, and quite often hideously disappointing (example:The crew return to Earth and open a motorway service station and restaurant) and in one instance involved Doug Naylor inviting me over to his house (he lives in a windmill, apparently – Jonathan Creek style) to show me a load of unproduced Rob & Doug era scripts. Very odd.



    Had a post dimension jump one, that involved, Mark Dexter as Rimmer, Domonic Coleman as Kryten,
    Dave Benson Phillips as Cat, Rebbecca Blackstone as Holly, and Jake Abraham’s as Lister all on star bug stuck in an unreality pocket and trying to get out.



    Most of the dreams tend to involve me not realising a new series is on and missing the start.

    Before BTE was announced I had a dream Series IX was on and it was a direct continuation of Series VIII with them all in the prison garb.

    Just before BTE aired I had one in which they crashed to earth on Starbug and Lister was stopped from eating some poisoned curry. Which sounds like a piss taking plot from one of the ideas for the new series threads.

    Before Series X I had a dream the new series aired but it was now in black and white and there were no jokes and it was all set on earth. I remember thinking in the dream that it must get better soon.

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