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    Red Dwarf XII is now up for pre-order on Amazon UK. Release date November 20th.

    Only a DVD at the moment. Hopefully that changes…



    Argh. Seems you all are getting it first this time around. The US one is marked for November 21st.



    Also listed on Base.com. Both DVD and Blu Ray.



    Here’s hoping there’s also a steelbook release with the XI episode titles listed on the back…! ; )


    International Debris

    Slightly unimpressed (but, given it was the first promo shot, not surprised) with the ‘Everybody’s Kryten’ cover. The last two have just had generic crew shots, which I think would suit it a little better.



    Yeah, I’d have gone for the standard XII bunkroom publicity pic as per X and XI. I like that photo but it’s going to confuse people in ASDA. It almost resembles a pic they’d use on a VHS ‘Byte’, too specific for a full series. Am I right in saying that this isn’t even a large portion of the episode?

    Also, it’s still weird that so much of the marketing revolves around episode *2*.


    Dave Wallace

    Am I right in saying that this isn’t even a large portion of the episode?

    Maybe we can wait until we’ve had a chance to see it before we answer that.



    I’m only going off the set report, I may be wrong.


    International Debris

    Yeah, I think the images of Lister and Rimmer in Kryten get-up as part of the reverse sleeve, I-VIII-style, would work fine, but it does seem to look a bit like ‘This is the series where they’re all Kryten!’



    Yeah if you’re not familiar with the show you’re probably going to think it’s a whole show about robots. That might grab some people, I guess.



    This is NOT necessarily the final cover. It’s missing the Dave logo like on the XI cover, and XI’s listing originally came with that atrocious temp cover missing The Cat. Everyone freaked out over that when it was obviously some shitty temp Photoshop job.

    …maybe because Series X’s cover looked like a shitty temp Photoshop job.

    My point is this is almost certainly not the final cover, and we’re most likely getting the standard crew shot to match XI.



    Tip if you haven’t got Prime – Amazon’s pre-order price is currently about £22, which means that you can get it with free postage without having to add anything to it, and they’re guaranteed to drop the price considerably before release.



    The Blu-ray is £16.99 on Zavvi, DVD £14.99.



    Amazon’s will be at least that too soon, whatever HMV price it as basically will dictate the online stores. But at least I can get it Super Saver without having to add any other bumph. I’ve spent enough lately…



    Amazon always overprice early on as it makes the discounts look better once they’ve been added to everyone’s wishlists. But it never stays there, it’s just a bit of psychology. At least this way I can play them at their own game.

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