Red Dwarf XI – Episode 2 – Set Report

A full episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience for the first time since last week. As will be the case more often than not for these two series, G&T weren’t there. But you’re in safe hands for this set report, as we’ve called in the professionals. To guide you through this studio comedy production, please welcome comedian Phil Pagett and television director Alex Scott, both of whom were kind enough to answer our probing questions about the second episode of the eleventh series.

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It’s Been 1,428 Days…

…since a second episode in a series of Red Dwarf had a studio audience recording. Well, they’re back at it from 6pm tonight.

We were going to use these weekly posts as a way of rounding up all the Dwarf-related titbits from the past seven days, but, well, there’s not been much. Maybe the cast and crew have been asked to rein the teasers in, or maybe they’re all just too busy, as moaned about by Robert Llewellyn. If you spot anything interesting, or if there’s something we’ve missed, do post it in the comments on this piece. Standard spoiler policy reminder goes here.

Still, Robert did find time to write a short blog post, on Google Plus of all fucking places, so there’s that. Plus, there’s a Guardian article about the show in general, which despite confusing the novels and the show, and neglecting to acknowledge the existence of anything made after 1999, is actually quite good. The tone is genuinely enthusiastic and positive, and they go to great lengths to emphasise that the laughter was not canned, which makes a pleasant change.

But anyway, yes – Red Dwarf XI episode two is being recording tonight. We’ll have another cobbled together set report over the weekend, thanks to our two top secret ticket-wielding agents. We’re covered for this week, but are you going to one of the other ten? If so, please get in touch if you’d like to help document a very minor piece of history.

Red Dwarf XI – Episode 1 – Set Report

A full episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience for the first time since 2012. G&T weren’t there, which as you might expect has had a slight impact on our coverage. But fear not, because we had some top secret special agents in the audience, namely Jo Sharples and Shelley Smith, both of The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club. We sent them a few questions, and they were kind enough to jot down their observations and opinions. So allow them to be your guides as we document their experiences of the first of twelve new episodes…

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It’s Been 1,386 Days…

…since Red Dwarf had a studio audience recording. Well, they’re back at it from 6pm tonight.

This time, G&T won’t be there, despite being part of a shady cabal that secretly controls the world of Red Dwarf, but thanks to some secret agents in the field, we’re hoping to have some form of cobbled together set report up over the weekend. Until then, please use the comments on this article to post any interesting tit-bits you’ve spotted on social media, whilst of course remaining mindful of the spoiler policy.

By the way, are you or someone you know going to this recording? Or any other recording? If so, and if you wouldn’t mind jotting down a few thoughts over the weekend afterwards, do get in touch.

In other, wholly unrelated, news, we noticed that our YouTube channel was far too barren to justify its new shiny button, but we liked the button, so we’ve chucked all the videos from our dusty Downloads section into a handful of playlists. All hail the button.

You know what? It’s weird. Despite all the official confirmation, the unofficial social media teasers, and the fact that everyone’s been banging on about audience tickets for two months now, Red Dwarf XI and XII still don’t feel real. They don’t feel tangible. I’ve a feeling that will all change within the next 24 hours…

What’s in it for them, sleeping in the medical unit?

Doug Naylor has always been extremely cautious about Red Dwarf spoilers getting out before broadcast. Which is why it’s a surprising move for him to tweet a picture of one of the sets, the night before the first audience recording.

It shows Danny and Craig pulling faces it what looks like a medical unit. Could this be part of the new Science Room set that Doug previously tweeted about? It certainly looks that way, and furthermore it looks vaguely Series IV-ish, mixed with the shade of grey we saw in Back To Earth.

When even Doug Naylor is tweeting teasers, you know we’re in for a lot of information in the coming days…

Sets and ‘Bugs and Acting Roles

Welcome to the latest installment of “Embedding A Load Of Tweets And Over-Analysing The Contents”, which looks set to become a long-running series indeed. As production on Red Dwarf XI steams ahead prior to Friday’s audience recording, studio-based rehearsals and pre-records are now taking place. Several members of the cast and crew are documenting every little step of the process on Twitter, meaning we have access to tantalising behind-the-scenes secrets, such as the time Craig Charles spilled some coffee during a readthrough.

Admittedly, this doesn’t seem like much. But if you open up the full-sized picture, there are a lot of interesting names to read…

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DwarfCast 64 – Red Dwarf XI & XII Preview

To celebrate the extraordinarily imminent commencement of studio recordings for two brand new series of Red Dwarf, the entire G&T team gathered together to summarise everything we know so far, speculate on everything that we don’t know, round up the very latest nuggets of news and also answer questions submitted by you, our faithful viewers. So join Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Danny Stephenson, Ian Symes and special guest Jo Sharples from the fan club, as we discuss such diverse topics as the availability of abandoned industrial units in southern England, the possibility of song and dance routines appearing in the new series, the utter lack of serifs in the new logo, whether or not there’ll be a huge series-spanning story arc, Danny John-Jules’s penis and Homes Under The Hammer.

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The First Day

Oh, it’s started, I knew it would. With precisely twelve days to go until the first episode of Red Dwarf XI goes before a live studio audience, Sunday 1st November marks the first day of pre-records, according to a tweet by Robert Llewellyn:

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You retouched my logo!

I’ll just get straight to the point here. The logo for Red Dwarf XI has been revealed and it’s old school. Like, 80s old school.


We’ve been firmly in the land of serifs for many, many years now so seeing that the logo is so directly harking back to the original feels incredibly refreshing. It’s the best version, after all, and the addition of the circular halo around the whole thing just caps it off. It’s beautiful, it’s simple and it makes sense to give the new series such a striking connection to the past.  Around these parts we’re usually of the opinion that the show should keep evolving and moving on, but for details like this, frankly, the more pleasing references to older series the better.

It’s as yet unclear whether this will also carry over to Red Dwarf XII. Some of me would enjoy a visual distinction between the two, but most of me just wants this logo to be the one forever.

Tucker’s Luck

bazookoidI bring great news. Yesterday, Richard Naylor tweeted a couple of pictures showing bazookoid props in various stages of construction. This in itself was good news, considering how brilliant the props looked, and how close to the classic design aesthetic from the early days they seemed. Today, we know why the props are so good. They were made by The Model Unit.

Yes, Mike Tucker’s company today posted three bazookoid pictures to their Facebook page – one the same as Richard’s, and two new ones. They accompanying caption reads:

These photos might give some hint as to the nature of our current project…

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