The Ganymede & Titan Pearl Poll

Nearly five years have passed since the Silver Survey, G&T's attempt to rank each episode of Red Dwarf from best to worst, with the help of the fan community. With the show's 30th Anniversary on the horizon, it's time to do it all over again. We want as many fans as possible to take part, so please do get your rankings in. For desktop users, simply drag the episodes from the chronological list on the left, and drop them into your ordered list on the right, from top to bottom (favourite at the top). For mobile users, tap the three dots next to the episode title to bring up the options for moving and re-ordering.

Once you're done, please enter your email address (required), plus any extra information and comments you see fit to share (optional), and press 'Submit now'. If you need to take a break, then there's also a save button at the bottom of the lists that will place a Cookie on your computer so you can come back later and carry on where you left off.

For more information, please read the G&T introduction post. If you have any troubles at all using this form, then please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

The survey closes at midnight on 1st February 2018.


  1. The End
  2. Future Echoes
  3. Balance of Power
  4. Waiting for God
  5. Confidence & Paranoia
  6. Me2
  7. Kryten
  8. Better Than Life
  9. Thanks for the Memory
  10. Stasis Leak
  11. Queeg
  12. Parallel Universe
  13. Backwards
  14. Marooned
  15. Polymorph
  16. Bodyswap
  17. Timeslides
  18. The Last Day
  19. Camille
  20. DNA
  21. Justice
  22. White Hole
  23. Dimension Jump
  24. Meltdown
  25. Holoship
  26. The Inquisitor
  27. Terrorform
  28. Quarantine
  29. Demons & Angels
  30. Back to Reality
  31. Psirens
  32. Legion
  33. Gunmen of the Apocalypse
  34. Emohawk: Polymorph II
  35. Rimmerworld
  36. Out of Time
  37. Tikka to Ride
  38. Stoke me a Clipper
  39. Ouroboros
  40. Duct Soup
  41. Blue
  42. Beyond a Joke
  43. Epideme
  44. Nanarchy
  45. Back in the Red - Part 1
  46. Back in the Red - Part 2
  47. Back in the Red - Part 3
  48. Cassandra
  49. Krytie TV
  50. Pete - Part 1
  51. Pete - Part 2
  52. Only the Good...
  53. Back to Earth - Part 1
  54. Back to Earth - Part 2
  55. Back to Earth - Part 3
  56. Trojan
  57. Fathers & Suns
  58. Lemons
  59. Entangled
  60. Dear Dave
  61. The Beginning
  62. Twentica
  63. Samsara
  64. Give & Take
  65. Officer Rimmer
  66. Krysis
  67. Can of Worms
  68. Cured
  69. Siliconia
  70. Timewave
  71. Mechocracy
  72. M-Corp
  73. Skipper

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