Boxset, DVD boxset, uh huh huh

With thanks to Si Bromley for posting about this on our forum, it would appear that there’s a new boxset on the way! It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and Play, and is scheduled for release on 16th December (which, whilst technically in time for the Christmas market, is cutting it a bit bloody fine). Details are sketchy, but the British Comedy Guide notes that it will contain “every episode to date and out of this world extras”.

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Ghostwatch: Behind The Curtains Released!


Yes, the unbelievably long-overdue documentary about this very special piece of television history has finally been released on DVD!

Headed by Rich Lawden (known as P2P Productions around these parts) and Lesley Manning, the original director of Ghostwatch, Behind The Curtains is a 90-minute exploration of the Screen One drama that sparked a furore that spread through the BBC and beyond.
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Red Dwarf X: Bluray/DVD Review

IT. IS. HERE. Less than a fortnight after the final episode of Red Dwarf X aired, the DVD and Bluray have been released into the loving embrace of fans throughout the UK – just in time for Christmas. Despite the tight turnaround, nearly three hours of extras accompany the release, most notably the epic behind-the-scenes documentary We’re Smegged. Having set a precedent for incredibly comprehensive, entertaining and value-packed releases for the earlier series, will this latest offering stack up?

The short answer is: yes. The longer answer requires an unhealthy level of detail, chronicling every aspect of the release in far too much depth. Get comfy.

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Let’s Talk About We’re Smegged

…and indeed the deleted scenes, smeg ups and anything else relating to the Red Dwarf X Bluray/DVD release. It’s in the shops from Monday, but those of you who were able to pre-order from reputable online retailers should have had them shoved up your letterbox at some point today.

Our full and massive review will be appearing within the next couple of days, but in the meantime, you can use this thread as a place to dump your thoughts. Be warned, though – if you’ve not pre-ordered, or you’re an American or something daft like that, this will contain spoilers for the massive documentary. We’ve seen it. It is good.

Flip reverse it

One again Seb Patrick has emerged from beneath his blanket of unsold 2008 calendars to launch forth glorious, glorious NEWS.  This week: the absolutely gorgeous reversible DVD cover. (Warning, there’s a minor episode 3 spoiler after the jump, but nothing you don’t already know from the trailer).

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DVDetails, and other TOS pieces

The cover art for the Red Dwarf X DVD has been released, and with it, of course, the confirmed list of extras. The art itself is decent, if a little underwhelming compared to previous releases. I don’t like that publicity shot and the awful Photoshop filters that have been applied to it, but it does at least scream THIS IS RED DWARF to the casual HMV browser.

As for the extras, well, given that we’re getting a two-hour documentary for a three-hour series, it would be churlish and petty to complain about the extras, right?

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