Hilarious Wrongability

Comment #11 on this page:

The extended versions for some of the shows should be on the same screen as the orignal format NOTE: The extended ones do not have any audience background as these were filmed when they left

“Thank you very much for coming, have a safe journey home. Right, guys, we’ll do the entire show again, from the top, but with a few minutes of extra stuff.”

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DVD Roundup – 8/9/06

So, TOS announces today (that’s today! Not two weeks ago!) that Series III comes out in France on September 13th – new menus, re-mastered eps (particuarly pointless when it comes to Series III, but never mind – I’ve gone on about it long enough) and missing the odd extra like the commentaries and raw model footage. Presumably sales have held up despite Series 1’s “All his mates were French”.

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Series VIII DVD Review

Ah, VIII. Ratings peaking at over 8 million viewers. Seen by many fans as a return to form, seen by others as a continuation of great form, and seen by yet others as embarassing rubbish. Are any of these opinions CORRECT? And can it beat the superlative collection of extras VII had to offer? Animated […]

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Future Extras Redux

Sorry? What was that, Andrew? Topic: What did we miss? Conf: Merchandise From: Grant Naylor Administrator Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 03:12 PM Series VIII is about to turn up on DVD, completing the collection. Kind of. What I want to know is this: what did we miss? What would you have liked to seen […]

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Red Dwarf DVD – Series VIII Review

This is all starting to get predictable now, isn’t it? Does anyone reading this honestly think I’m going to turn around and rubbish this DVD to pieces? Anyone? No, I thought not. You know it’s going to be fantastic and you know what to expect. And as such, it’s with a very heavy heart I […]

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Dwarfing USA

Just in the middle of watching this again. And I know I said so at the time, but it needs repeating just how excellent it is. It doesn’t hurt that it’s such a great story to start with, but it’s told by everyone so well (particularly Doug and Llewellyn), and edited so perfectly, it’s definitely my favourite extra on any of the DVDs – of newly produced stuff, anyway. I just love the way Doug comes across as so intelligent, amusing, and… likeable.

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