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2002. Tony Blair is Prime Minister. The Fellowship of the Ring wins four Oscars. Atomic Kitten's cover of The Tide Is High is Britain's best selling single. And on a free web-hosting provider, a brand new website starts. A website that features Red Dwarf, but is regularly updated. A website full of opinions, but with no justifications. A website that has already been started and abandoned three times by its teenage creator, and then almost scuppered by a part time job, but which finally hits the internet on the 14th September 2002, the date on which pedantry goes beyond the final frontier. The website is Ganymede & Titan, and tonight we salute the inexplicably still active site and its tedious crew.

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Surprise! We didn't plan to have a summer break, but a summer break we indeed have had in order to recharge our batteries and hide from the dreaded Burnout Monster. We've got a bit of editing catchup to do, though, so we're breaking with tradition and giving you another Smegazine Rack today while editing on the Red Dwarf USA episode is finished (well, started).

Grab your complementary copy of the mag here.

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I’m sorry everyone, but this is a bad one. Over the last week we have lost Phil Reed, our friend and former writer on Noise to Signal, Observation Dome and here on G&T.

Nintendo Life, a former writing haunt for Phil, tweeted the news originally and the gaming channel for which he worked, Triple Jump, are running charity streams in his memory and in aid of an organisation that was close to his heart – The Trevor Project, an LGBTQ youth charity and something that is increasingly vital in this awful, garbage fire of a world. If you feel moved to do so you can donate either through their campaign or in your own way.

For any G&T geriatrics among you Phil will need no introduction, but over the last 20 or so years he has been a friend and colleague to many in our community. Personally, I first got know Phil during the old Observation Dome and Noise to Signal days and he’s been a constant if sporadic presence here on the site since. He was a warm and talented writer and an exceptionally funny person. For those wanting to sample his work over the years, the best place for his more recent writing is Noiseless Chatter (fair content warning: Phil says goodbye personally in his last post so click with caution if you are understandably not up to reading it) and there’s more besides that, but I’ll use the comments section to point you to some of my favourites from back in the day.

We are sorry to once again be the bearers of awful news. G&T is a community of great people and we’ve lost a huge amount recently. Remember, if any of you need help then please seek it out – either professionally with a service such as The Samaritans or amongst your friends here. Take care, everyone.

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It's a rare, nay freak occurrence for us to publish guest articles, but when Dave Wallace got in touch with this effort, we made an exception for three reasons. 1) Dave is a long-standing and very funny member of the community, and it's the community that continues to make G&T worth visiting; 2) We're in one of our shit phases for written content at the moment; 3) It's really bloody good. Enjoy Dave's musings on one of  Red Dwarf's most important but lesser documented themes.

Red Dwarf is a sitcom about a lot of things – space, science, weird cosmic phenomena, and the consequences of having a three-million-year old bum, a creature evolved from a cat and a hologram simulation of a long-dead jobsworth as the only sentient beings left in existence.

But strip away its sci-fi trappings, and at the heart of the show is a concept that’s as universal as it is timeless: class.

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It seems a lot has happened since our last episode of The Smegazine Rack. We've launched and re-launched our incredibly original game Smegle and... well, that's about all that has happened, hasn't it? Yes, yes, definitely. Anyway please join your incompetent (by design) hosts, Ian, Danny and Cappsy as they climb up into the cab, fire up the slumbering beast and crack on... with the job of reading through every episode of the Smegazine.

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DwarfCast 152 - Robot Wars - Commentary featured image
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If you're reading this then there's a decent chance that at some point in your childhood or early adulthood you sat down on a Friday night and enjoyed the feast of mechanical violence that was Robot Wars. For older Millennials and young Gen Xers watching this show went hand in hand with being a Red Dwarf fan, not least because the host was, from series 2 onwards, Craig Charles himself. And it's for that reason Robot Wars qualifies for our series of 'Dwarf-adjacent' commentaries as we seize with both hands the opportunity to talk at length about a show very dear to our hearts for... quite a long time.

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Well, since we’re all in the mood for rebirths, Smegle’s having a little bit of relaunch today. The original version was all well and good but it was guilty of being a tad on the easy side, and so we’ve had our finest minds working hard to firstly work out how to make guessing harder and secondly steal all the mechanics from Wordle so its daily mode will work. We’ve also changed where’s it’s hosted. Please, contain your excitement…

Get your New Smegle here!

It should all be self explanatory. The original version is preserved as ‘Casual Continuous’ mode, but be sure to complete your ‘Difficult Daily’ every day to maintain your streak and share it to Twitter so everyone can not give a fuck about your achievements.

Have fun!

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Ain't no joke, it's plain to see. Smegle's here for you and me.

When we launched The Smega-Drive it was obvious that having such a huge archive of categorised screenshots from the show would end up being useful in many other ways, we just weren't exactly sure what they were. Well, since then some lucky bastard invented Wordle, which ended up being the next big thing in the world of online word games. Since then everyone and their mum (especially your mum) have been clamouring to copy its format (which is easy) and its success (which is not easy).

So, why shouldn't we be any different? Well, we have no clear monetisation strategy but one out of two ain't bad...

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Rob Grant's buttski has finally borne fruit. It was announced this morning via a long-awaited TOS update and a tweet from Big Finish themselves that a deal has been struck for the company famed for their audio revivals of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Blake's 7, The Avengers and more to add Red Dwarf to their stable. They will produce three full-cast audio dramas per month on both CD and download, featuring dynamic sound design, original music and specially commissioned artwork.

Due to the ongoing legal situation currently engulfing the show, the rights to produce original new material featuring the characters of Rimmer, Lister, Cat and Kryten are not available to Big Finish, so instead they'll be focussing on stories from Red Dwarf's expanded universe, building new worlds and concepts based on those in the background of the show itself.

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