An episode capsule is a document containing all relevant information about an episode. This includes trivia, scene summary, quotes, plot inconsistencies, production errors and all manner of other things. Much of this information is already available on the Internet, but this project is an attempt to bring all of that information together in one place.


A1. The End
A radiation leak wipes out the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf.

A2. Future Echoes
Red Dwarf breaks the light barrier.

A3. Balance of Power
Lister endeavours to out-rank Rimmer.

A4. Waiting For God
Rimmer discovers an alien pod.

A5. Confidence and Paranoia
Lister hallucinates after contracting a mutated pneumonia virus.

A6. Me2
Rimmer moves in with his newly created doppelganger.


B1. Kryten
The crew answer a distress call from a crashed ship.

B2. Better Than Life
The ultimate computer game with only one real drawback…

B3. Thanks For The Memory
Lister wakes up with a broken leg, a ripped diary and a complete jigsaw.

B4. Stasis Leak
There is a leak, right, in stasis, which provides a linkway to the past.

B5. Queeg
Holly is replaced by Red Dwarf’s backup computer.

B6. Parallel Universe
The crew hop to another dimension.


C1. Backwards
The crew finally get back to Earth, only to find that time is running backwards.

C2. Marooned
Lister and Rimmer crash land, with only a pot noodle and tin of dog food for nutrition.

C3. Polymorph
A chameleonic life form terrorises the ship.

C4. Body Swap
Rimmer gives Lister a unique work-out session.

C5. Timeslides
Some developing fluid mutates, resulting in the disappearance of half the crew.

C6. The Last Day
Kryten receives notification that he is to be replaced as the ship mechanoid.


D1. Camille
Kryten falls in love with a mechanoid, rescued from an exploding planet.

Kryten is transformed into a human.

D3. Justice
Rimmer is imprisoned for murder.

D4. White Hole
Holly boosts her IQ to 60,000 at the cost of reducing her lifespan.

D5. Dimension Jump
An alternate version of Rimmer damn near kills the crew.

D6. Meltdown
The crew land on a planet populated entirely by Waxdroids.


E1. Holoship
Rimmer finds a ship composed entirely of light.

E2. The Inquisitor
Lister and Kryten are erased from history.

E3. Terrorform
Rimmer is taken prisoner on his own psy-moon.

E4. Quarantine
Rimmer contracts a holo-virus, which leads him to quarantining the others.

E5. Demons and Angels
Red Dwarf blows up.

E6. Back to Reality
The crew are killed by a giant squid.


F1. Psirens
Shape-shifting insectoids try to suck the crew’s brains.

F2. Legion
The crew are guests of an odd chap in a green body suit.

F3. Gunmen of the Apocalypse
When Kryten contracts a virus the others enter his psyche to help him fight it.

F4. Emohawk – Polymorph II
A domesticated Polymorph is let loose on Starbug.

F5. Rimmerworld
Rimmer escapes from a simulant ship and disappears through a wormhole.

F6. Out of Time
The crew are visited by future versions of themselves.


G1. Tikka To Ride
Lister takes the time drive on a curry hunt, which leads him to Dallas in November 1963.

G2. Stoke Me A Clipper
Ace Rimmer visits the crew with some disturbing news.

G3. Ouroboros
A dimensional linkway opens up and the crew meet alternate versions of themselves.

G4. Duct Soup
The crew have to crawl about in an air vent, or something.

G5. Blue
Lister starts to miss Rimmer.

G6. Beyond A Joke
Kryten gets pissed off about something or other.

G7. Epideme
Lister contracts a terminal disease.

G8. Nanarchy
Lister has to cope with his arm deficiency.


H1. Back In The Red (Part One)
Upon returning to Red Dwarf, the crew are promptly arrested.

H2. Back In The Red (Part Two)
Rimmer uses positive viruses and confidential information to strive for promotion.

H3. Back In The Red (Part Three)
The crew try to escape from the ship.

H4. Cassandra
The crew encounter a computer who can predict the future.

H5. Krytie TV
Kryten starts up his own TV channel.

H6. Pete (Part One)
A plot? Oh, um, Lister and Rimmer get into trouble a few times.

H7. Pete (Part Two)
A dinosaur eats some food and shits everywhere.

H8. Only The Good…
A chameleonic virus starts to eat the ship.


X1. Red Dwarf Smeg Ups
A collection of out takes from Series IV to VI.

X2. Red Dwarf Smeg Outs
A collection of out takes from Series I to III.

X3. Red Dwarf VII Xtended
Directors-cut versions of three episodes from Series VII.

X4. Red Dwarf Night
Patrick Stewart introduces a collection of goodies commemorating the show’s tenth anniversary.

X5. Tongue Tied
Rare promotional video for Danny John-Jules’ single release

X6. Red Dwarf USA
Doomed pilot, produced by Linwood Boomer.

X7. Children in Need
Short sketch in the name of charity.

X8. DVD Extras
Thanks to the wonders digital technology, Red Dwarf has been given a new lease of life.

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