Some of you may be interested to know that two Red Dwarf-related clips are used in Seriously Funny, the new compilation of clips from Comic Relief, which was released on DVD in time for Christmas.

These are part of the Bohemian Rhapsody video from 1993, and the clip of Rimmer falling off his chair in Back to Reality, which was shown as part of a compilation of out-takes in 1997.

If you want my opinion, the DVD is crap. All the pre-1999 clips, which were shot in a full screen aspect ratio (4:3) have been cropped to fit a widescreen (16:9) presentation. Consequently, a lot of the shot is missing, which means that there’s barely a forehead in the whole compilation. Secondly, all of the sketches featured are much shorter when they were when they were shown. All you’re getting is a series of meaningless one-liners, and the edits are clumsy and obvious. This is particularly annoying when you consider that the compilation runs for a little over 60 minutes, and a DVD can hold four times that amount.

There are no extras, and not even any subtitles. I can’t believe I squandered by £10 HMV voucher on this. I could have bought the Derek and Clive film instead.

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