Series III DVD Cover Preview? featured image

The R2 Project has got what they think is a preview of the Series III DVD Cover in its Rumour Control section. “We received the following picture in the mail this morning, hopefully it is the sleeve artwork for series III of Red Dwarf”, they say. Well, if it is, it’s a very bad quality version of it – poor washed-out colour, with the ship being nowhere near as detailed as on the I and II covers. Also, if you take a look at the Desktop Backgrounds section of the official site, you can see that the design is nothing like the DVD Starbugone. In other words, it looks exactly like a mock, done by some wag or another. But we’re willing to be proved wrong…

UPDATE (10/04/03): For the final (and blindingly obvious) proof, look at the bottom of the cover – and the dodgy editing work done on the black bar. Also, the green Starbug is… Blue Midget, tinted green (with a few minor modifications). Why the hell didn’t they use the official Starbug desktop background on the official site? Anyway, it looks like we’ll have to wait for some more DVD Details for cover news.

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