Despite having seen the first half of the series, I thought it would be a good idea to buy the second half. Would the concluding four episodes challenge my overall opinion of the series? Read on, review fans! The four episodes in question are: Sins Of The Father, Death Minister, The Lottery Experiment and The Broken Crystal.

Well, some of the problems with the first half of the series didn’t go away as the show progressed. There’s still some very dodgy, clichéd stereotyping – in one episode, bank robbers are actually portrayed wearing big hats, long coats and huge sunglasses. Your average bank customers, there. There’s also the terrible, generic police dialogue – Grisham (Sue Johnston) in particular seems to have copied her every sentence from either Miss Marple or The Bill. Plus, of course, there’s the old continuity error – how the hell do they avoid bumping into themselves as they head for the machine?

Despite all these faults, I have to concede that these four episodes are entertaining stuff. There’s some great plots – Sins Of The Father in particular, which features Slade (Michael French) being set up for a crime he didn’t commit. Also, The Lottery Experiment features a more light-hearted storyline, with Slade and Holly (the fabulous Ms. Annett) attempting to use the machine to get rich, only to be continually interrupted by the inconvenient matter of a big robbery. And the series finale, The Broken Crystal, is excellent, despite the ambiguous nature of the ending.

The extras are a pile of wank – a few biographies, episode synopsi (why not just watch the episode?) and trailers for other Revelation Films releases, including a preview of the first set of discs. Pointlessness, there. The cover is of a similar design to the first one – Slade and Holly against a black background. The box is much shinier this time round though. One complaint – Crime Traveller II is a complete misnomer, as there was only one series. This is merely the second half of it. Fools.

Nevertheless, this release has convinced me that Crime Traveller wasn’t all that bad. It’s far from the cult classic that some people make it out to be, but it’s a pleasant enough show, with inventive plots and some good acting. That said, I doubt I’ll watch the DVDs again, so would only advise their purchase to those who didn’t get a chance to see the series when it was broadcast, or those who did and are sure they love it.

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