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No, that’s not it. “Series III DVD Extras Confirmed”. No, not that either. “Doug Naylor Talks Exclusively to G&T”? Pah. Whoever came up with the phrase “no news is good news” clearly didn’t write a Red Dwarffansite.

Enough of my moaning – the official site has been updated, with some very nice menu shots from The Brittas Empire DVD. We’ve seen some of them before, on the 15th May to be precise, but they have another couple that we didn’t report. I must say, the episode menus look smashing – I like the use of the pen as a selection tool. And, in case you’re interested, the answer to the quiz question is C.

Since there’s nothing else on the official site, other than a note that there’ll be no new Talkie Toaster interviews for a while, I might as well bang on about me and John for a bit. John has now finished uni, which means he’ll have plenty of time to work on G&T, although unfortunately this is at the cost of reliable internet access, so, as he said yesterday, you’ll have to do without his, ahem, unique news updates for a while. Meanwhile, I’ve got nine hours worth of AS Levels this week, so unfortunately the site will be quiet until Friday at the earliest. I’m determined to keep up the daily update thing – it’s just that the updates will be smaller. Fear not – this is only a temporary thing. My exams will have finished soon, and John hopes to be back on the net full time within a couple of weeks. We’re still kicking bottom.

And finally, happy birthday to my sister, who is 24 today. Old cow.

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