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Further proof that the Series III and IV DVDs will be the best things ever, even though we’d have been more than happy with the standard set by I and II. But GNP aren’t the type to rest on their laurels, and they’ve ensured that quality will improve further by securing some great behind-the-scenes names for interviews. As well as the previous interviewees, including Sir Peter Wragg (FUCKING YES!), top workaholic Andrew Ellard has now asked questions to Howard Burden, Andrea Finch (aka Pennell), Gordon Kennedy and Tony Hawks, as well as finally getting Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles to sit still for half an hour. The article also mentions that somewhere on one of the DVDs there will be a tribute to dead genius Mel Bibby, pictured right. A little montage of his finest triumphs, with his photo and dates at the end, would be perfect.

The official site also brings us more great news – Series II is going to be repeated on the channel of the same number! So, don’t forget to tune into BBC TWO on Thursday, 26th June, at the ridiculously late time of 11:50pm. The official site has also updated its Image Bank section with some shots from Series III, which had previously been conspicuous by their absence.

Finally, Teenwolf from the NOT BBC forums provides this: “A uni friend of mine attended a book launch at Penguin on June 9th and who should be there but Robert Llewellyn. After the launch, he told my pal he was attending a meeting about the Red Dwarf movie, but refused to give any more details on the project, aside from saying there’d be location filming in Australia.” Confirmation that some location work for the movie, as well as just the studio stuff, will be shot down under, there.

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