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No clever headline today – let’s get straight to the facts, as movie news has been preciously thin on the ground as of late. Friend of the website Karl Eisenhauer sent us a link to an article entitled Dwarf film in orbit, from the Herald Sun – which is Australia’s biggest-selling daily newspaper, apparently. In which case you’d think they’d have enough resources to be able to tell the difference between a Doug Naylor and a Dave Naylor. But no matter – the point is that that the movie may be shot in Queensland, according to the Pacific Film and Television Commission; indeed, they have confirmed that he has been scouting there for locations. Whoever he is. Was that Dick Naylor? Etc.

Of course, the interesting thing about this is that Queensland is the home of the Warner Roadshow Studios. “Situated on 32 acres (13 hectares) adjacent to the Warner Bros. Movie World Theme Park, the Studios consists of eight sound stages, production offices, editing rooms, wardrobe, construction workshops, water tanks, commissary and a backlot of 230 acres (93 hectares)…” The studios also have an (admittedly slight) history of British productions; London Weekend Television have used the facility – but then, so have 20th Century Fox and Paramount. It looks ideal. Bear in mind that this is pure speculation, however. After all, it might not be the studios in Queensland they are looking at. Or they could just be location shooting in Queensland, and shooting in studios elsewhere. Or they could not even end up shooting anything there at all. Remember, none of this has been confirmed by GNP yet; until it is, we can only take it as rumour. Hmmm; I wonder if anything’ll turn up on that website at some point…

But wait! More news, this time nicked from the ever-reliable The Red Dwarf Zone. They’ve noticed that AICN have reported that “Joining the production are producers Richard Keddie (TV mini-series “After the Deluge”) and Jane Ballantyne (SELKIE).” They also mention the connection with Queensland; making the report seem more likely – but again, we stress that GNP haven’t said a word. Check back in a few days for the launch of our Rumour Tracker section, detailing all the latest rumours about the movie, and whether they’ve been confirmed.

Onto site updates. Firstly, we have another episode review for The End, written by Tanya Jones. It’s fucking excellent, and frankly pisses all over mine. We’ve also reorganised the reviews somewhat; they are now in alphabetical order, and have links to the various reviews at the top. It only took us three months to get some form of organisation there. And as for the big argument that was promised – take a look at The Debate: Series VIII’s Setting. Ian is such a fucking cunt.

Don’t forget that The Brittas Empire – The Complete Series One is released tomorrow. Ian’ll have a review later in the week. I won’t, as I can’t afford it. Fucking wah.

UPDATE (21/07/03): Having just run this news story, I thought it might be an idea to e-mail the Vice President of Warner Roadshow Studios to ask if GNP are planning to shoot there. Lynne Benzine very graciously replied within 10 minutes: “Red Dwarf has not made any decision where it will be filming at this stage, so I am unable to give you any information.” So there you go – the latest news about the movie, from those in the know. We’ll get it to you, even if we have to make a pain of ourselves.

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