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Yes, I know there was supposed to be an update yesterday – I’ve been busy with another site. Ahem. Here is the much promised update to the DVDsection – check the list later in the week for some more additions:

The last item needs a bit of explaining; when Ian originally wrote the reviews for the previous incarnation of the site, they were written in the first person. When transferring them to the current site, some factual and spelling mistakes were corrected, but more importantly, the reviews were changed into third person, to fit into the style of the site. Since then, we’ve decided that this was crap; reviews are better in the first person, and besides, the reviews capture a particular moment in time – changing them seems cheating, rather. So, the reviews are now in their original form; with grammar/spellings corrected, and footnotes added correcting the mistakes made. Is anyone still unclear as to the reviews situation? No? Excellent.

Onto news. We, and it seems every single Red Dwarf site in existence, have been mailed by a representative of the band INTRO2 – to make us make another gratuitous reference to their video for ‘Clear’, featuring Danny, Craig and Norm. But they deserve it, as they clearly know the Red Dwarf online community well. Hopefully now you will have realised why we’ve got such a bloody stupid headline, and are busy composing letters of complaint. Anyway, Back In The Red have got a short story on it, as have The Red Dwarf Zone. RDZ have also noticed that have got Red Dwarf III listed; it’s given a 12 certificate. Presumably this is provisonal, although we can’t see it going any higher. The White Hole has also had a couple of additions to their Red Dwarf and Me section. If you think we’ve been rather slow on the news front this time round, you’d be right; rest assured that things are happening behind-the-scenes to vastly improve this…

Finally, we have some important breaking news – Robert Llewellyn has revealed on his Guestbook that he’s “just been down the 24 hour garage to get some washing up liquid”. This could have serious implications; G&T will keep you informed.

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