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Yes, have now got Red Dwarf IIIlisted, and avaliable to preorder for the frankly ludicrous price of £14.99 including delivery. Blimey. They have also been known to deliver DVDs a couple of days before the official release date, so if you fancy a chance of getting it over the weekend rather than waiting until Monday (the official release date is the 3rd November), I advise you go with them.

The special features listed have little we didn’t already know about, although it’s nice to see that Smeg Ups, model shots, talking book clips, and music cues listed; we all knew they would be there as we were promised more of the same, but it’s good to have confirmation. The one interesting mention is of an “Amusing Food featurette” – which is no doubt similar to the Drunk and Alternate Personalities featurettes. This would certainly explain the recent When Food Attacks article on the official site. I can’t say I’m too excited about this; I personally find the featurettes to be a complete waste of time. But with so much other cool stuff, there’s really hardly anything to complain about…

It wouldn’t be G&T without pointing out all the mistakes on the Play listing, though – so here is a brief list (which we’ve also sent to Play themselves, so hopefully they’ll correct it):

  • The cover shown is the fake III DVD cover. The one on the official UK Red Dwarf Shop which we’ve nicked for this article is closer to the final thing, having actually originated from GNP, although it’s still a rough draft.
  • The special features section mentions “…talking books, clips,…” – that is quite clearly an extraneous comma there in the middle.
  • “This pioneering sci-fi comedy took the world by storm when it first transmitted in 1988” is technically accurate, but seeing as Series III was transmitted in 1989, it would have been more sensible to make this clearer.
  • “Red Dwarf mania looks set to continue for light years to come”? A light year is a measurement of distance, not time.
  • “Chris Barry”? Oh fuck off.
  • Certificate PG? I severely doubt it, although obviously this hasn’t been locked down yet. Actually, Play still list Series I as having a PG rating, rather than a 12. Gah.

Not that we don’t make mistakes ourselves, of course. Ta for those of you who point them out to us; we do appreciate the feedback. In other news, RDZ have scored a frankly impressive scoop to do with the non-appearance of, expected to launch late June. They got in touch with Norm himself – the final touches are being put to it, and it should launch in a week (indeed, the message on the site has now changed to “Appearing here very soon”. Check out RDZ for the full response. They also have some news on the INTRO2 vid Clear’s premiere.

Content update coming Thursday, and Ian will be around with his Newsround on Saturday. And finally, is this: great.

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