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A bit of movie news, from our esteemed winged-news-monkey-in-chief, Tracey Brennan. Today’s Daily Mail contains the following short item:

Will the Red Dwarf movie be as popular as the hit BBC series? Chris Barrie, aka pompous hologram Rimmer, believes so. He tells me: ‘All the cast from the TV series will be in it, but there will be a fresh storyline for people who aren’t aware of the programme. There’s no shortage of ideas, so I don’t see why there can’t be a series of films – though obviously it depends on how popular the first one is.’

Nothing we don’t already know, of course – but at this point, with no information coming from GNP and production apparently so close to starting, we’ll take anything we can get. It’s yet more confirmation that things are happening, which is good.

The only other bit of news tonight is about Back In The Red; it continues its run of updates. I also forgot to mention yesterday that The White Hole has promised that “something big is brewing”, but “that’s all I’m saying for now”. Cun… I mean, we look forward to it. Ian’s Newsround is tomorrow (which will also include a new addition to our sadly recently-neglected DVD section) – and remember, our new section is launching Saturday…

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