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No, I’m not talking about Dark Ages!!!!!1 This is Rob Grant’s latest novel, which is not due for release until December. However, under the cover of Darkness (I disguised myself by dressing as Justin Hawkins), I managed to break into Rob’s house, being careful not to disturb Doug’s snoozing, satisfied wife, and swipe a proof copy for myself. Okay, I bought it on eBay. It was much easier that way. Anyway, the upshot of all of these exploits is this: a preview. Rest assured, there are no major spoilers, so you are safe to dive in willy-nilly.

In other news, The Propstore of London have added yet more Red Dwarf items to their already top-notch selection. For me, the highlight is a Series IV Cat Costume, used in Dimension Jump and Meltdown, which is going for a mere £1,015. Sadly, this is out of my price range – I can’t afford that extra fifteen quid. A relative bargain can be found in a copy of Morris Dancer Monthy magazine from Krytie TV – just £235. How’s about that, Bargain Hunters? Next up, quite possibly the most stupid item on display: a Red Dwarf logo on a bit of black card for £195. I mean, for fuck’s sake. For the same price, you can get an item of genuine loveliness – Lister’s Zero G magazine cover/poster. Wow, frankly. Also lovely, but a tad more expensive, is Kochanski’s beige Series VIII uniform (only worn in Back in the Red, if I recall correctly), for £779. Chloe Annett has worn this. I only hope it hasn’t been washed.

In other news, our little diary section has been updated, with dates for the London Expo and a rough estimate of next year’s Dimension Jump. Oh, and Marooned is on the telly tonight! One of the best episodes ever, clearly.

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