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The Red Dwarf Zone does it again – they’ve noticed that The Red Dwarf Shop UK now have the Red Dwarf IV DVD listed – with a preview of the cover art for Regions 2 and 4. RDZ have pointed out the interesting fact that it says “The Entire Fourth Series” rather than “Original” at the bottom of the cover, as there was no Re-mastering of the fourth series. They have also noticed that the logo appears in full colour, rather than silver as in the previous DVDs. There was plenty of speculation on the Official Webboard when it was announced that the Series IV cover would not revert back to Red Dwarflike Series I after all – one of the more popular suggestions was that it could be of Ace Rimmer’s ship, although this was refuted by Andrew Ellard on the webboard a while back. It’s impossible to tell whether the cover works or not from a small image – I absolutely love the idea, but I’m not sure it’s quite as clean and stylish as the previous covers; it looks slightly messy. But I’ll reserve judgement until I see a bigger version. The shop also indicated that a specific release date for the IV DVD has not yet been set; it’s still “sometime in February 2004”. Andrew Ellard has said on the Official Webboard that there will be a new DVD Details article on the III and IV covers next week.

Whilst we’re on about what Ellard is saying on the official webboard, he has corrected us (or, rather, all fan sites – but we were the ones who were the source) on something rather important – neither of the the laser etched Stabugs are currently avaliable. We said the big one was now shipping; that information was direct from The Stamp Centre itself, but is wrong – the theory is that “someone got confused about their Dr Who laser-etchings, which ARE avaliable now”. Apparently, “they’re on their way, but haven’t been produced and packaging is still awaiting final approval (and, indeed, designing!)”. We’re extremely sorry about this – it’s not really our fault, as we did contact The Stamp Centre themselves to get the latest on them, but we still hate publishing duff information. This is the problem with running a fan site; we simply haven’t got access to all the information that (obviously) GNP have. All we can do is try and be as informative and accurate as possible within the constraints we are under. Mind you, there’s obviously not much we could have done in this particular instance; if The Stamp Centre themselves don’t know what’s going on, fuck knows how we are supposed to…

Next, kudos to The White Hole for getting something really special – an interview with Robert Llewellyn. It’s a fascinating interview; he mentions “There won’t be a 9th series” (pretty much what we all expected), and that the movie is “very much in the lap of the bankers” – confirming what Craig said that “money is still a stumbling block”. Please, please let’s hope that the rumours of an October shooting date turn out to be true; I couldn’t bear it if the movie was delayed again.

Another update from us tomorrow. A whole week with an update every day? It’s possible, if you let all the other fansites do all the work, and then just nick it. Hooray!

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