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Yes, as every website under the sun (well, Big Blake and RDZ) has reported, the Starbug Playsets are now ready to pre-order! It’s at Galaxy 4 for a very reasonable £29.99. However, Galaxy 4 lose marks for the following: they won’t allow you to register with an e-mail address that ends in .info and they think that ‘Crighton’ is a Red Dwarfcharacter. But enough snideyness – the Playset is excellent. It looks to be a very nice piece of merchandise, and I can’t wait to see which sounds from the series will be used.

In other news, the following details have been released about next year’s Dimension Jump: 1) it won’t be in Coventry, 2) it’ll be somewhere in the South and 3) it will be in the first half of 2004. This is bad news – the hotel used for the last two years is excellent. Plus, a Midlands location is the fairest possible venue for fans. There are reports that the cast aren’t keen on travelling too far from London – but at least they can afford to do so, unlike a lot of fans. But still, the hotel and location are arbitary I suppose – it’s the guests that are the main thing. Will Craig Charles get off his overpaid, fat arse this time? Stay tuned!

Over the last few days, John and I have been hinting at a G&T relaunch in various forums, and indeed in news updates. Well, I can exclusively reveal that it’s happening within the next fortnight, and it will be very, very good. The main feature will be a little form, which will allow you to add your comments to each and every news story and article. We hope this will be a popular idea – most sites only have a forum or a guestbook, which aren’t as convenient when you want to post your reaction to a specific piece of writing.

Also, I’d just like to say – John is wrong, and he smells of poo and wee. The Series IV cover looks great to me. It’ll be interesting to see whether the theme of Lister painting on the back cover will be continued – it’s difficult to see how this would be implemented on an interior picture. But, for me, as well as most other fans, the cover looks great. So John can fuck off.

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