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Yes, we’re striving for perfection once again, as we update three of our existing pages. Firstly, and perhaps most excitingly, it’s the Don’t Leave Us Hangingarticle. Having just taken delivery of a complete set of Trading Cards, I discovered that five of them include the fucking script for one of the alternate endings to Series VIII. Excellent.

Next up, our little Cast List has moved one step nearer to completion, as we have included all the discrepancies and mistakes from the Re-Mastered credits. And finally, it was about time it was conceded that GNP are striving to correct their previous wrongs regarding Hattie Hayridge.

In other news, Back In The Red are continuing their recent run of good rumour tracking, with a bit of semi-info on a Viz film, allegedly to be directed by Ed Bye, and a supposed new sit-com for Craig Charles. Do we really want Craig Charles to be off shooting a sit-com, when The Movie is set to start filming in the next few months? Have a look at the Red Dwarf section of The Encyclopedia Of Fantastic Film and Television. It really is very good, especially the way they’ve incorporated reviews into the capsules. However, they’re completely wrong about Meltdown.

Finally, we’d like to draw your attention to this rather amusing section from an old Craig Charles interview: “I was lucky enough to work with Bill Shatner recently, we did a show called Space Cadets together, and I said to him: ‘I used to love those first series of Star Trek, you know, the black and white ones, they were brilliant’. And he goes: ‘Star Trek was never in black and white’. It took me about an hour of argument to realise we just had a black and white telly and they’re actually all made in colour.”

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