Another nice update from The White Hole. Excellent. Firstly, Karl Eisenhauer has a section on Red Dwarf and Me, and very interesting it is too. I must send my own answers in; I’m sure Cappsy would be interested in any others from you lot as well. Secondly, three more Downloads have been added: A BBC Breakfast interview, the VIII teaser trailer, and most fascinatingly the section from How Do They Do That? about the special effects for Series VII. I wiped over my copy of this irritatingly, so I can’t wait to see it again; no doubt it’ll turn up on the DVD in 2005, but that’s bloody ages away. And as the BBC haven’t scheduled any more Son Of Cliché after their random playing of four episodes (and they still haven’t answered my email yet…), I might even get round to sending off my CD of them for Cappsy to host. I suggest you spam if I haven’t done this by tomorrow night. Anyway: fantastic work, Cappsy.

However, it’s quite sad that there are only a handful of sites doing anything on Red Dwarf these days, especially with the activity regarding the DVDs and the Movie. We’d encourage anyone out there to write some articles or do some other funky Dwarf-related stuff; we’re interested in any submissions for G&T if you can’t be arsed putting it up yourself. And if you did do a website of your own, get in contact and we’ll publicise it for you. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all been done – there’s a huge list of articles on the to-do list here at G&T just waiting for someone else to come up with the idea as well and do it far better. And if you’ve not got time for any of that, you could always contribute to an existing section of any of the active fansites – like Red Dwarf and Me, or our episode reviews.

Speaking of all that, G&T has been worryingly lax on publishing new articles recently. Well, don’t worry – later on today we’ll be completely revamping the Movie section – and it’ll include three new articles. And don’t you just love the fact that we’ve managed to turn round an article about another fansite into yet more self-publicity?

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