I was going to start this piece with a snide remark about how many times Back In The Red has relaunched, but seeing as G&T has recently done it for the 5th time, I’ll shut my face. Anyway, it’s had a complete design makeover; now the site definitely lives up to its name. The content has also been reorganised (I like the meets information at the bottom). Worth checking out, especially Curtis Threadgold’s Incompetence review. (You can check ours here.)

Matt has also pointed us to this article about a show Craig is doing for 6 Music called Slap My Plaque. In it his visits Eric’s, a club which has just closed where he played with his first band. It’s worth reading just to see Craig referred to as “Mr. Charles”.

If you have a Dwarf site you think is good enough for us to plug, or indeed anything else Dwarf-related you’re up to, get in contact. Unless it’s just you watching the videos, of course. That’d be a bit boring.

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