Yes, it would appear that GNP have indeed chucked a whole batch of extras at the British Board of Film Classification, with the Series IV documentary Built to Last the latest to make an appearance.

We now know that after an introduction lasting 5 minutes and 39 seconds, we’ll have 7 minutes 49 seconds on Camille, then 8 minutes 18 seconds on DNA, followed by a mere 6 minutes 41 seconds about Justice, before 10 minutes and 7 seconds on White Hole, then a massive 16 minutes and 23 seconds about Dimension Jump before finishing with a whopping 18 minutes and 12 seconds of Meltdown.

Overall, that’s 73 minutes and 13 seconds, which is pretty gosh-darn amazing. Also, top workaholic Andrew Ellard gets a full ‘Director’ credit, as opposed to his ‘Associate Producer’ status on Launching Red Dwarf (on the Series I DVD). Helen Norman, however, reprises her role as Producer. It’s perhaps unsuprising that Dimension Jump gets a large proportion of the screen-time – it’s a hugely popular episode, with a phenomenally popular alter ego. However, Meltdown also gets a huge amount of screen-time, despite being rather more unpopular (which, incidentally, is utterly unfair – it’s a great episode).

This is yet another pants-wetting taster, which makes us long for February to hurry up and arrive. But then again, November will be quite good as well.

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