A couple of BBFC entries for you, Firstly, the Series III documentary All Change has shown up, lasting 80 minutes 36 seconds. That’s a good 7 minutes 23 seconds longer than the Series IV doc Built To Last, but unfortunately the listing doesn’t include timings and titles for the individual components. Balls. Secondly, the animated Menus have also turned up, totalling 11 minutes 28 seconds; go to the entry to see a listing of each individual menu.

If I’m correct, we’re probably done with all the Series III extras coming through; certainly, all the main ones have now been classified. We’ll keep an eye out for the upcoming Series IV extras; only the Built To Last documentary and Film Inserts have been done so far. I’d guess we’re unlikely to wait long; the Series 2 Extras were classified in October last year, and Andrew Ellard has stated that editing is complete on the IV bonus material.

Now, only 41 days until the Series III release…

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