Five months in the future, John Hoare and Ian Symes, the last Red Dwarf fansite maintainers alive, discover they are pregnant after a liaison with their competent selves in a parallel universe. Their pregnancy concludes with the successful delivery of a new design for Ganymede & Titan. And so on. Yes, G&T has a new look. So why not celebrate this with a collection of overused buzzwords?

More relevant

With each story getting its own article now instead of everything being lumped together, and the splitting up of News and Site Updates, you can now read only what interests you, rather than wading through a pile of crap you couldn’t give a toss about.

More interactive

You can now comment on all our news stories and site updates. Unlike certain other RD forums, feel free to swear and be as rude as possible. Note however that there is a thin line between being amusingly offensive in general, and being offensively offensive to specific people.

More accessible

The site is now more accessible across a range of browsers. Not that most of you HEATHENS using CUNTING IE will care, but if someone stabs you in both eyes with an icepick, rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy the site using a speaking browser.

Note that due to various factors, this new version of the site was rather rushed up. Despite improving accessibility in some areas, there are still a few accessibility problems with certain browsers, particuarly those which don’t support CSS. The Episodes section is currently offline, and some of our existing content looks a bit strange at times. And just try posting a comment without filling in the required fields… All these problems will be ironed out next week. We’ll also add the April-July News Archives.

After all that is sorted out, we have plans for lots of new stuff: an RSS feed being the next addition. And for those of who you just want better content, we’ll be revising a section a week, to make it bigger, better, and actually vaguely competently written. Hooray!

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