Hooray! As well as writing the music for the Quite Excellent Stephen-Fry-hosted panel show QI, Howard Goodall appears as a panellist on Thursday 25th September, at 10:30pm on BBC FOUR. For all you non-digital twats, it’s repeated the following week on BBC TWO on the 2nd October at 10:00pm. And if you don’t know the connection between Howard Goodall and Red Dwarf, I want you to leave the site immediately. Go on. There’s plenty of porn out there. Piss off.

The other panelists on that show are Alan Davies, Jo Brand, and Jeremy Hardy, which should be good. I was never a big fan of Alan, but he’s proved himself to be far funnier than I’ve given him credit for so far in the run. It’s just nice to see a show where you can see amusing people being amusing, and interesting people being interesting. It’s great.

Thanks to ml-j of NOTBBC’s forums for the info.

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