Just the two items on the official site this week, but they’re both pretty good. Firstly, there’s a bit of cast news. On this Thursday (2nd October), Norman Lovett will be appearing as William Farr in Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. The news report claims that William Farr discovered the cause of cholera, but if my histo-chip serves me correctly, it was John Snow. I clarified this on the internet, and there’s no doubt about it. I got a bloody A in GCSE History as well. Never mind. The programme will be shown on BBC TWO at 9pm. Don’t forget that you can also see Howard Goodall on QI at 10pm that night.

In further news, Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles will both be checking into Holby General Hospital in the near future. Danny will be appearing in the original version of the show, Casualty, whereas Craig will be in the spin-off version, Holby City. No news yet about dates, times or even characters, but I’m sure the official site will keep us informed.

And finally, there’s a marvellous Mr. Flibble interview with Mike Vaughan, the photographer for Series IV onwards. Any person who comes up with pictures such as this is alright with me. Look out for Mike’s excellent answer to the question of how he came to work on Red Dwarf – “I don’t know!”

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