Following our report on Marooned – Extended, we got in touch with the BBFC to see if we could glean anything. They confirmed that “It is true that once a work has received a particular category it cannot receive a different age rating unless the work itself is different to the original in some respect (eg extra footage, different aspect ratio, etc).” After some confusion regarding the Re-mastered version, we got the following response:

On MAROONED, we first classified this in 1991. The title back then was simply RED DWARF – MAROONED, which we classified ’15’ (because of the lack of a ’12’ at the time). In 1998 we saw a version entitled RED DWARF – MAROONED – RE-MASTERED, which altered the opening and closing titles, added some new effects and added and removed a few bits here and there. This got a ’12’. In 2003 we saw yet another version entitled RED DWARF – SERIES 3 – MAROONED – EXTENDED. Admittedly we compared this to the 1998 version and, judging by the comparison form, it seems it’s far closer to the original 1991 version (the effects seem to have been put back to how they were in the first place). However, it still appears to be longer than the 1991 original (although without running the tapes together we can’t say for sure how they differ!).

This doesn’t of course confirm my theory (which is mine, etc), but it sure makes it seem a lot more likely. There would appear to be no other logical explanation – unless a cocking Polymorph – Extended or whatever shows up in the next few days, which I would say is less than likely. And as for the 16 extra seconds, you’ll just have to wait for the 3rd November; I wasn’t about to trouble the BBFC any more after all their help by trying to find out. What with this extremely helpful and speedy response, and their excellent website, there sure could be worse censorship bodies in this country.

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