Movie info. It’s been preciously thin on the ground as of late, apart from a few rumblings from the cast that it is on the cards. In the name of good research (or, indeed, poking our nose in where it isn’t wanted), we got in contact with the Pacific Film and Television Commission; Queensland’s government organisation which aims to “develop and support the local film industry, attract production to Queensland, and celebrate an active screen culture across the State”. They’ve been linked to the Red Dwarf movie production via this official site’s crewing information, and the PFTC Media Releases (as Sally told us, “issued whenever a project is confirmed to Queensland”).

So where does this leave us? No further on. To recap recent events: Robert Llewellyn, in his Q&A session at Dimension Jump X, said that shooting was due to start September 15th. On 18th April, in their last news article on the movie, said that shooting was intended to start in Australia “in late September”. The Herald Sun article cited above was the first we know of to specifically mention Queensland. Then, on the 14th August, Craig Charles gave an interview to Teletext – where he says that the movie is planned to shoot for four months in Australia, starting from October; but he also said that “money is still a stumbling block”. Robert Llewellyn was far more cautious in his interview to The White Hole; he simply stated that “There is a movie in the pipeline, but as to exactly when and where we will shoot it, it is very much in the lap of the bankers”.

We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest rumours. Now, are you impressed I got a news article out of that?

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