Movie Logo. Nicked from the official site. Ho!Now, this is very interesting. Just under two weeks ago, we reported that Danny John-Jules had given an interview where he said “Filming is due to start in Australia on the Gold Coast early in 2004”. However, the last official word from Grant Naylor Productions (given in April) was that shooting was scheduled to start “late September” – ie. NOW.

Well, whilst browsing through the official site to prepare for an upcoming new version of the DVD & Movie FAQ, I spotted the following on the Crewing Information page for the movie:

“Red Dwarf – The Movie may be shot in Australia. Preliminary design work is currently underway and shooting is slated for May 2004.”

In other words: that’s the first piece of official information from GNP that’s been released since last April that we know about, although fuck knows how long it has been up there; here I am chasing up every single rumour that goes off and the latest info is on the official site all along. Whatever, it’s extremely exciting (and shut up you cynical bastards at the back) – it shows that things are still happening behind the scenes. Hooray!

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