Back, due to popular demand! (Well, two people. But one of them is a Villa fan, so his opinion is worth double.) Anyway, this little newsround-ette deals with all the latest cast and crew projects as detailed in the news story on the official site.

Robot Wars – the seventh wars have recently been shot in Nottingham, with Jayne Middlemiss joining our Craig. As we’re all aware, the show has moved to five, the most reputable terrestrial channel in the country. This means much-o sponsorship, which is likely to lead to more expensive, and therefore more entertaining, robots. Hopefully, this will make the show worth watching again – I gave up after all that “EXTREME!!!!!1” shite. One thing I do know, however, is that the official site were wrong to report that Growler and the stupidly-named Mr. Psycho are new robots – they have been around for a while. The series starts at 8pm on Sunday, November 2nd. Or ‘One Day To Go’, as it will subsequently be known.

Scrapheap Challenge – hooray! Robert is once again joined by Lisa “there’s no such thing as an ironic wank” Rogers, in the sixth series of the show, which starts at 5:30pm on Sunday, 14th September. As with Hollywood Science, I always fucking forget that this is on, so hopefully I’ll remember this year.

Massive Engines – a ten-part series about, erm, massive engines, hosted by TV’s Chris Barrie. It will be screened on the Discovery Channel, which apparantly features mammals shagging each other, in Autumn or Winter. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more info.

And finally, The Hired Man – a musical written by the god-like genius of Howard Goodall and the adanoidal Melvyn Bragg. It’s running from the 2nd to the 27th of September at the Salisbury Playhouse, which I hilariously mis-read as the Sunbury Pumphouse. Hahaha, what a lovely story.

Happy now, Matt and Cappsy?

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