G&T now has RSS feeds! For those of you who are saying “what the fuck?”, take a look at these articles: RSS on the Client and All About RSS. If anyone has any other links to good articles explaining RSS from the surfer’s point-of-view rather than the site designer’s, post them below; the net seems to be worryingly short of them. Same goes for any news aggregators you can recommend.

You can choose between a full News/Site updates feed, or a news only one; links to these are also given in the Site Info section on each page. The feeds themselves are currently rather primitive, and could do with a lot of tweaking; but we thought you’d rather have access to them as they are currently than not have them at all. However, if you run into any problems or have any suggestions, let us know.

Sorry for the lack of site updates recently. We’re continuing with the site design tweaks and section revamps this week, and we’ll have some new stuff up soon.

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