Yes, folks, despite the fact that Ellard has failed to change the “last updated” date on the front page of the official site (the revolution starts soon), there has been a DVD Details update!

Firstly, the covers have been finished. Quite frankly, the big version of the front cover gave me the horn. The catalogue number is BBCDVD1245, and it sports the lovely new ‘Two Disc Set’ logo. Also, note that the blurb at the bottom has been changed to ‘over 3 hours’ of extras. Just seeing it in writing makes me cream my drawers.

If we look at the back, it seems that the editing around Lister’s helmet is significantly better than it was last time, so full marks all around. The blurb at the top reads:

“The Red Dwarf crew something something something facing a something something Polymorph, something something and a version of Earth where time runs backwards. Birmingham.”

I’m a bit perplexed by the last bit, but never mind. I’m also perplexed by the plans to have the font on the spine of the DVD in a smaller size for odd-numbered series than for even-numbered ones. It smells a bit fishy – could the larger text on Series II have been a mistake, and this entire plan concocted just to shut Cappsy up? It would be excellent if that were the case.

As well as this, the final testing on the DVD has been completed, by Andrew, Ugod Naylor and Ross McGinley. The most interesting thing about this is that “Doug took himself off to far more important places”. There’s only one thing that could possibly be more important than the DVDs, and it’s good to hear. This is the first positive hint that has been dropped regarding the Movie for some time, and it shows that things are still happening. On the other hand, Doug might have needed to go to Sainsbury’s, or something.

Testing entailed following every single link and selecting every single option. Andrew didn’t seem too pleased about this. Speaking as someone who has just returned home from scanning groceries at Safeway, I can exclusively reveal that there are worse jobs in the world than messing about with Red Dwarf DVDs all day.

Finally, I am very excited by the fact that “it’s a bugger remembering where you’ve hidden the Easter Eggs”. Personally, I adore hunting Eggs down, and I am thrilled by the prospect of scanning through the dozens of sub-menus for features, rather than just clicking on a clipboard. Good work, Ellard. Perhaps the revolution will be postponed until Series IV is finished.

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