Yes, straight after the run of Cliché on BBC7, comes its better known sequel; Son of Cliché. Broadcast at 2pm and 9pm, the original plan was to show five episodes, over the space of two weeks. However, this has since changed, to the following:

Episode BBC7 tx date Original R4 tx date
A2 Wednesday 17th September 2003 30th August 1983
B1 Thursday 18th September 2003 3rd November 1984
B4 Friday 19th September 2003 24th November 1984
B5 Monday 22th September 2003 1st December 1984

Quite why the plans have changed, or indeed, why they are playing seemingly random episodes, is beyond us. Thanks to Nik Horne and Darrell Jones for gathering info for us. They are lovely.

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