This is a simply excellent website. Something in the region of 15,000 shows, mainly BBC but with a good selection of programmes from other channels, are included in the BBCi Guide To Comedy, and, naturally, Red Dwarf is one of them. The entries are by Mark Lewisohn, and were published in 1998 as the quite superb Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy; they have however been significantly revised for both the website and an upcoming new edition of the book.

Anyway, the write-up on Red Dwarf is a good one, with the exception of the following mistakes:

  • Red Dwarf is described as a “21st-century deep-space mining ship”. This could be true, but then again, it could not. In Stasis Leak, the crew travelled back to 2077, in DNA, Lister describes himself as a twenty-third century guy, and in Ouroboros, Lister gets abandoned in 2155.
  • It is stated that Son of Clich

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