Danny as Ed. Insert bad BBC in black family sit-com shock. Tedious, isn’t it? It’s a damned shame that such a thing is still newsworthy. Not as much of a shame, however, as Danny John-Jules seemingly only having a small part in the series. He grew his hair specially and everything.

Nevertheless, we’ll be watching BBC ONE on Tuesday, 9th September at 10:35pm when The Crouches opens with Trainers, in which Roly (played by Robbie Gee) attempts to teach his son Aiden (Akemnji Ndifornyen) the difference between right and wrong. The other members of the Crouch family are mum Natalie (Jo Martin), grandpa Langley (Rudolph Walker), grandma Sylvia (Mona Hammond) and daughter Adele (Omy Uhiara). The Red Dwarf contingent of Danny John-Jules and Don Warrington (Holoship‘s Commander Binks) play Roly’s work colleagues – Ed and Bailey respectively.

The series is written by Ian Pattison, previously writer of the average-at-best Rab C Nesbitt. As Danny pointed out at Dimension Jump, who better to write a sit-com about a black family from London than an old white guy from Glasgow? You can glean a little bit more information about The Crouches from the BBC micro-site, which contains production photos and preview clips.

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