The White Hole has updated today, with a rather good interview with Norman Lovett. It is perhaps worth comparing the answer Danny John Jules gave in his Sci-Fi Online interview about whether he could say anything on the current state of the movie, and what Norm had to say:

Danny: Well… the latest is that it’s definitely going to start filming in the New Year… I say ‘definitely’ but a few years of saying ‘definitely’ is not very reliable. That’s the latest that I’ve heard from the horse’s mouth – i.e. Doug Naylor. I can only go by that really. Filming is due to start in Australia on the Gold Coast early in 2004.

Norm: I’m afraid I can’t.

Gah. Still, there’s some interesting info in there, including stuff about what he has in the pipeline. Keep your eyes out for more updates soon to The White Hole; Cappsy has something rather special on the way…

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