Ah, we’re so organised. With just over three hours to go, we’ve realised that Red Dwarf music supremo Howard Goodall is on QI tonight – on BBC FOUR at 10:30pm. Appearing with him is Jo Brand, Danny Baker, and the surprisingly-good-really Alan Davis. If you’ve already missed it, or haven’t got digital, it’s on at the usual BBC TWO time next week on Thursday at 10:00pm. The one on BBC TWO last week also featured Goodall, and he was excellent – as was the rest of the programme. It’s one of the few shows on at the moment that I go out of my way to see.

Interesting fact: John Lloyd, creator/producer of QI and general 80’s comedy programme god, was interested in producing Red Dwarf in the early days – and at one point there was talk of both him and Jackson producing it together. There’s an interesting interview with him in the “excellent” Media Guardian – he has big plans for the QI franchise…

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