As the release of the Series III DVD draws ever nearer, the anticipation is really beginning to set in. Businesses are bracing themselves for a huge workforce defecit on the third of November, thousands are dusting their DVD cabinets in preparation, and there’s a national shortage of Kleenex. Yet another already-familiar sign that it’s nearly upon us came today – the chapter points.

Regular readers of the official site will not be surprised to hear that there will be a whopping nine chapter points on the Series III DVD, which is set to be the standard for all future releases. This increased number means that the scene selection menu will be split into two pages for each episode; with four polaroids apiece. From what we can tell from the names of chapters alone (which, admittedly, is very little), the points seem to be spread out quite evenly, although, we’re not sure exactly which scenes will be covered by each chapter.

Incidentally, the names of the chapters are excellent. In a lot of cases, the names are taken from lines spoken within them, which makes them easily identifiable. Also, it’s a touch of genius to have one of the chapters for Marooned sharing its name with the original title of the episode – Men of Honour. Oh, and ‘Twat It’ and ‘C.L.I.T.O.R.I.S.’ are possibly the best titles ever.

So, just three Fridays left. What can we expect on the official site between now and the release? Well, we have not yet seen a list of deleted scenes, which were provided for Series I and II, and were pants-wettingly exciting. We also anticipate that there’ll be a nice news story on the 31st, as per the last two releases. There’s one week spare, but I’m sure we could bare to go for a fortnight without any news at some point. We’re so lucky to have the official site, you know. The progress of most DVDs is charted with a couple of press releases, and no clues and teasers along the way. Red Dwarf is great, isn’t it?

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