Just a quick note to let you know that we are currently in the middle of moving G&T. All URLs that are currently in the form of ganymede.ofla.info will instead be in the form of www.ganymede-titan.info. A lot less confusing, for any number of reasons.

Whilst this change takes place, you’ll probably spot some oddities, whilst we move the files and the change of nameservers filters through the net. It should all be sorted out within 48 hours maximum.

We cannot guarantee our ganymede-titan.info e-mail addresses will be working throughout this period; if you desperately need to get in contact with us (which is extremely unlikely), use john@ofla.info – if it’s specifically for Ian, I’ll forward it on.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible; we’ll post an article to let you know. Once it’s all sorted out, all existing links (both with ganymede.ofla.info and ganymede-titan.info addresses) will work; but things might break temporarily. And if you’re wondering why this article is free from my usual hilarious quips, you might get an idea at how stressful this change is…

UPDATE: The transfer has gone successfully; all things should be back to normal, apart from the commentaries which have yet to be transferred (and are currently unavaliable for download; they’ll return soon). It was all remarkably stress-free, thanks to those lovely folk at Pepperfish. If you need cheap, fantastic quality web hosting, I advise you go to them. Go on.

A proper site update tomorrow.

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